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2015 Model Team | Studio B Seniors

Studio B Seniors 2015 Model Team

So excited to do the BIG REVEAL of our new 2015 Studio B Seniors Model Team.  Each of these 28 girls and guys (hailing from 10 Seattle-area high schools) were selected to represent their school on behalf of our studio. The models will learn real word skills related to traditional marketing, promotions, social media and of course public speaking and brand representation.  Our new Spring Campaign will launch next month and I can hardly wait for you to see the results!  Our fabulous partners over at Sorella Salon worked their magic on each of the female models showcasing a variety of on-trend hair styles and I just know there will be a ton of Senior Inspiration coming this way for Summer!

Wedding Portrait Session at Fox Hollow Farm Amy + Blake | Issaquah

Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0219.jpg

Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0220.jpg

Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0222.jpg

Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0221.jpg

Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0223.jpg

Weddings By Studio B_Fox Hollow 14_Blake+Amy_0224.jpg

So you know how people have personalities (um, duh…I know that’s what your thinking…but stay with me here)  — my additional point is — so do couples! Couples have an energy and dynamic that is completely unique to them as a pair — and when I click with them…I know that the pictures are going to be just amazing before we’ve even begin.  Amy + Blake were that couple for me as we headed to Fox Hollow Farm on this beautiful sunny day.

The venue is just indescribably gorgeous and although I had visited with my family on weekends (side bar:  They do some amazing holiday events at Halloween, the Christmas season,  Baby Animals in Spring) – I had really never looked at it this way before.  The farm literally has full size peacocks just parading through the scene.  I posted an outtake here from one such “Peacock Photo Bomber” Moment for your viewing pleasure!

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Brides Headpiece: La Belle Reve
Floral:  Flowers For Anytime
Hair: Charina Malinak | Sorella Salon
Make-up:  Tiffany Penton | Studio B Portraits




Client “Love Letter” Realtor Sheenah Hellmers


I love “letters” — I like writing them, I like getting them…and I’m pretty sure it hall harkens back to when I was a small child and my Aunt Judy would send me and my sisters care packages in the mail.  There literally was no greater happiness than seeing that brown-paper-wrapped package, covered with Easter stickers in our mail box (the contents were always great, but not as memorable as actually seeing it arrive for us — now THAT was the true joy!)  Amazing…as much as things change…apparently they also stay just the same. I received this lovely letter in the mail from Realtor Sheenah Hellmers who was a little nervous about having her professionals headshots updated.  After her head shot session and selection of her images — she wrote this and receiving her words in the mail literally made my day:-)

“Thank you so much for your artistry and talent. I love, love love my new picture and look….It is me!…Which sounds easy but I know is not. I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from friends, family and colleagues. You are the best!  Thank you! Thank you! Sheenah”

Fashion Show Issaquah High School 2014

IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0218.jpg

IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0216.jpg

IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0217.jpg

IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0214.jpg

IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0215.jpg

Friday night was the 3rd Annual Issaquah High School Fashion Show and as you can see — SO fun. The students walk the runway as a fundraiser for their associated student body and honestly — the production value on this event is just unreal. You would never in a million years guess that this was put together by a High School…unless you were watching the television version on Glee (and then…they have all of the Hollywood pros making their magic happen!)  Really not kidding — we’re talking VIP Swag bags, cool DJ, lights, stage — they pulled out all of the stops.  It’s really obvious that this event is a labor of love for both the kids, the community and the parents. All of the clothes were sponsored by local businesses and the live auction items were submitted by very generous parents. The highlight of the night for me was when the entire show came to a stop — one of the male models walked to the end of the runway and presented one of the pretty girl models with a big sign that read “PROM?” — She said YES by the way;-)You can see a ton more from the show on our Facebook page

Modern Vintage Inspired Wedding Portraits Tiara + Kris | Issaquah, WA

Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0068.jpg

Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0071.jpg

Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0069.jpg

Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0070.jpg

Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0072.jpg

Modern Vintage Wedding_Studio B Portraits_0067.jpg

This was the most beautiful Spring day in Seattle that a bride and groom could wish for and Tiara & Kris were the most gorgeous couple that a professional photographer could hope to have in front of her camera!  Their Modern Vintage inspired wedding portrait session featured a color palette of champagne, blush and a touch of powder blue. I shared a sneak peek from behind the scenes earlier this week that was in black and white but it’s NOW that you can see just how stunning this couple is in living color.  As always, the real beauty is always in the details -  bow tie & suspenders with a cuffed clean white shirt for him?  Intricate beaded bodice and shimmery  ivory meets peach dress for her? YES, Please!

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Dress: La Belle Reve
Hair: Sorella Salon/Charina

Make-up: Studio B Portraits/Tiffany
Floral: Flowers For Anytime