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Gorgeous Senior Pictures in Issaquah featuring Meadowdale beauty Hailee for Studio B Portraits

Oooooh am I excited to share with you today.  LOVED photographing Meadowdale Senior Hailee.  She is exactly what I love about senior pictures — equal parts fashion, drama, personality and fun.  In this shot, it was all about quiet beauty…then one frame later — total raucous laughter from her and her entourage (that would be her lovely family just off camera 🙂 )  The other thing that was so cool is Hailee had ideas for what she wanted to do to make her senior pictures special…and I quote “um, can I do a spin outside?”  Heck yeah! I said and out we went for this shot that I added to the main Studio B website.

  • Lori

    Brooke – It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! Hailee had a wonderful time (as did her entourage:-)). You made us all feel welcome and comfortable. I’m amazed at how effortlessly you brought out the amazing beauty within Hailee and am so excited to see the rest of the photos!

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