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    Cool Like That with the Wood Family | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

    Man-and-woman-smiling-during-outdoor-family-photo-shoot Smiling-teens-at-family-photo-shoot Man-and-woman-smiling-during-outdoor-family-photo-shoot

    Love the Wood Family!  And if they totally disliked me for making them tromp through the field in the rain, I really couldn’t have blamed them…but NO — they were awesome and made these killer shots!  The fact that we no sooner got out of our cars then it started coming down raining should have been my cue to turn back….but once again…NO, instead I yell  “Everyone under the tree…and we kept shooting!”  We had a total ball and after we wrapped the session I found out it was Mom’s Kristi’s birthday…um…Happy “Soggy” Birthday.


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