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Beautiful Children’s Portraits featuring the Smith Kids | Issaquah Portrait Studio, WA

Laughing-kids-at-portrait-studio-in-Issaquah-WA Beautiful-childrens-portrait-of-10-year-old-girl-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah Formal-kids-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah Seriously-beautiful-children-photographed-by-childrens-photographer-Brooke-Clark

Seriously beautiful children…that was my first thought when the Smith Kids walked into the Studio B Portraits lobby.  Like Wow…”Guess who’s about to have fun?”(…Oh whatever I know the PC answer is to say “them” but who are we kidding…I could feel my professional photographer self esteem rising before I even clicked the first frame on the camera…they are just gorgeous and I knew that was going to make me awesome too :-)  )  The thing that was really neat about this portrait session is that it was Dad bringing the kids as a surprise gift for Mom.  Talk about HUGE points!  If only more husbands knew that this was the Holy Grail of “Best Gift for Your Wife” presents – big time kudos for something so personal and thoughtful.  Well played Mr. Smith!

  • Nancy Zeeb

    I do have beautiful grandkids but kudos to the photographer.
    So stunning that the portraits took my breath away and my eyes
    filled with tears. They are every bit as gorgeous as their
    grampa was.

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