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Inspiration for Decorating with Family Pictures | Custom Wall Design

Decorating with Family Pictures in the Living Room photographed by Studio B Portraits

My name is Brooke Clark and I am a “Pinterest Junky.”  While it was hard for me to come to terms with the hours that I have lost to this addiction I have to say that one VERY awesome thing has blossomed from this obsession — A NEW sitting room for moi!  So last November, I decided that it was time for Mommy to have a space that was all my own… you know…a place to read US Magazine and Vanity Fair without the narrative of Disney’s Phineas and Ferb in the back ground – a sanctuary to gossip with girlfriends that isn’t covered in video game paraphernalia.  Enter Pinterest.  It started simply enough…I would just create a virtual pin board of ideas for my space — sure I would.  Hours turned to days which turned to recipes, fashion, following friends, celebrity inspiration — I couldn’t stop.  And now…I don’t want to :-)   For all of you that share my Pinterest Passion…and you too have been mocked by your spouse — we can now show something for it!  Here’s my before room and my after room “PROOF” that Pinterest has a practical application.  I started with a family portrait that emotionally “had me at hello”…fall leaves, the loves of my life…and a bright color palette that would be the focal point of a primarily neutral color space.  I chose a vibrant 40” Giclee Canvas finished in a sleek warm silver frame that would accent my Deco marries classic vibe.  I then went about pinning everything that I loved from textures, color, accents and pieces that might work.  Like every room in my home and studio…this one is still a work in progress but I like where it’s going — guess I’ll just have to keep “pinning” My name is Brooke Clark, and I’m a Pin-A-Holic.


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