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Baby portraits of 5 month old girl in tutu_photographed by Brooke Clark at Studio B
Baby Faces
5 months is SO fun and Avery is showing us why! The first year milestones for our baby girl were on full display as she smiled, rolled, and executed her perfect tummy-time moves. 

Getting Dressed
Since the babes spend a great deal of time on their back and tummy. I like to recommend that we focus on skin and accessories… keeping outfits as simple as possible so that we highlight personality and expressions.  YES, there are a ton of great outfits to come, but those are best for the 8-9 month shoot where baby has mastered sitting un-assisted and pulling up to a standing position.

Favorite Photography Style Ideas for Babies (age 4-5 months)

For Girls: Tutu’s, headbands, pearls

For Boys: Diaper covers, blankets, hats


Does it matter what shoes I wear for my photo shoot?

Our senior pictures photo shoot with Ananya from Forest Ridge High School is the perfect example for me to address a question we get frequently regarding our senior portraits sessions. Okay… don’t laugh because this is real and you might be wondering the exact same thing as you are considering your own outfit selections some day soon (heehee.)

Does it matter what shoes I wear?

The short answer is “yes” but first let me begin by answering that if someone compliments your feet before your face… we decidedly did not do a great job for you (ha!) Shoes are by no means priority one but they are always a consideration for a great shoot. As you can see here, we photograph a lot of different poses for our senior shoots… sometimes your kicks make the cut… sometimes it’s all eyes but being prepared for any kind of capture means you’ll never be taken by surprise.

And because she’s such a dollface, I thought it might be fun to share a little bit more from Ananya’s session — we created a gorgeous Portfolio Book from her shoot featuring her favorite portraits and shared it on our Instagram. Enjoy!


Biracial girls with curly hair and flower headbands
Girls with Curls Photo Shoot? Yes please.

What do you do when it’s Christmas break and you bought yourself new lighting and backgrounds?… Um, play of course. I convinced my oldest daughter and niece to come sit for me while I geeked-out with my new toys at the studio. Admittedly, I was taking my time and as the minutes passed by for them — the girls did what kids, cousins and best friends do — they entertained themselves with an impromptu karaoke dance party . I captured it on video for your viewing pleasure haha! Oh and shout out to Wesley at Sorella Salon for the most awesome hair styling… she is a master with curly girls hair!

When you need to have a dance break mid shoot #studiobfamilies #cousins #familyportraits @dana_white8 @ava.s.white

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Black Tie and Burgundy for Formal Holiday Family Portraits Black Tie and Burgundy for Formal Holiday Family Portraits
Black Tie and burgundy formal holiday family portraits? More please! These little boys were beyond awesome in their tuxes… and then when Mom shared with me that she and Dad had never been in the family Christmas Card I was like “challenge accepted!” We created a gorgeous wall series for their home and of course nailed the Christmas greetings with glam and good tidings.  

Oh and before you go, you have got to see my favorite behind the scenes video of 2016 featuring these boys (and yes, he said it)  #I’mSoPhotogenic


Formal Christmas Family Portraits on silver glitter backdrop
Glitter gorgeous family portraits just got a little more glam when the Wadlows arrived for their annual family pictures. Having photographed this foursome since Mom Michelle was pregnant with their youngest, it is always such a treat to see how the girls have grown. We created this look for their 2016 Christmas Card but as a bonus we also made one of our super popular Ice Prints featuring the front of their card. Such a perfect keepsake to celebrate the holiday.