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    Our Senior Pictures Experience for Girls is admittedly… a little over the top — I’m not even going to deny it.  The full scale production and style-team approach that goes into making this milestone extraordinary is meant to make this magical for everyone involved.  Am I potentially compensating for my own lackluster high school senior pictures embarrassment circa 1991? — yes… yes I am.  (ding, “bitter” party of one!)  but my rationale is that every girl should have a time to feel beautiful, confident and celebrated. (and not have to wait until her wedding day to do it 😉 )  Below are four really common questions that we get asked related to 1. getting prepared 2.  the actual photo shoot and 3. best practices.  We thought it might be helpful to address them here featuring beautiful Sabrina from Skyline High School…. she is a total “Do” from beginning to end.

    Question 1: Will you help me with posing?…I’m kind of nervous. Oh yeah, absolutely!  Posing is supposed to fun… since we’re just having a good time — we’ll crank up the music, show you tons of different options from natural to model-y and just play.  The brilliant part is you are able to relax, choose what you love and leave the awkward behind!

    Senior pictures of girl in black jumpsuit with chandelier

    Question 2.  Is there anything that I should avoid like patterns or bright colors?  Um, NO.  Your senior pictures are all about you and since you are the only one in the photo — you do you!  Let all of your style choices be a reflection of who you are and what you love about your look right now.

    Senior pictures of girl in black jumpsuit with chandelier _Studio B Portraits_0119.jpg

    Question 3:  Do I really need professional hair & make-up?  We always recommend that you let us pamper you with camera ready hair styling & “ready for your close-up” make-up.  Our senior photo shoots are photographed just like a magazine-style model shoot (Karlie Kloss and Kendell Jenner get a style team… why shouldn’t you?)  Whether you like to keep it natural or glam it up… perfect skin and shiny locks help you feel confident in front of the camera. (And for the things that hair & make-up don’t cover… Photoshop is a beautiful thing — we’ll take care of any imperfections in post production!)

    Senior pictures of girl in black jumpsuit with chandelier _Studio B Portraits_0121.jpg

    Question 4:  Can you help me with ideas and the overall look & feel of my shoot…what about locations?  Of course!  99% of the senior pictures that you see in our portfolio are photographed here at our state of the art studio so we encourage you to browse the gallery and make a note of your favorites. Additionally, prior to your session, we’ll be sending you a Studio B Seniors Style & Prep Magazine to help to you get ready, coordinate props, and finalize your wardrobe so that this experience is uniquely You On Your Best Day.  We are also a little bit Pinterest crazy around here, so we’re always updating those inspiration boards with fresh ideas.

    Senior pictures of girl in black jumpsuit with chandelier _Studio B Portraits_0122.jpg

    Hope you found this helpful –if we missed something that you would love for us to answer… feel free to send us questions (chances are someone else has the same one that you do!)  This is hands down our busiest time of year for senior pictures, so if you are ready to schedule Contact Us for current remaining session dates.




    Cool senior pictures of boy in green t shirt and jeans_Overlake High School _Studio B Portraits_0113.jpg

    Cool senior pictures of boy in green t shirt and jeans_Overlake High School _Studio B Portraits_0114.jpg

    There is a moment during every senior pictures session with high school boys that I wait for …and when it happens I’m always hopeful that I’m actually holding my camera (preferably in some very good light 😀  )  It’s the occasion that it hits the boys that they are really having a good time.  I can see the instance when the tide turns and even thought they may not say it — it’s written all over their face.   You probably think I’m going to say that I see “Joy”… but NO, it’s “Relief” — as in… “this didn’t suck as much as I thought!”  Haha.  I’m kidding… but really — we are well aware that most of our fellas have not grown up dreaming of their moment in the spotlight …not only is it understandable… it’s quite natural.  My very favorite suggestion for any of our guys is to bring Mom, Dad or a buddy to the photo shoot.  Our “More the Merrier” philosophy is the secret weapon for getting relaxed expressions and natural smiles.  Oh and speaking of smiles… this shot of Trent from Overlake High School is just one of the many awesome portraits from his senior shoot…Mom made him laugh.  😉

    For more Senior Guy Inspiration, be sure to check out our Senior Portfolio and Tips & Tricks for Great Senior Boy Pictures.  Ready to schedule? Contact Us


    Natural senior pictures of pretty girl in front of fountain in black beaded dress_Studio B Portraits_0111.jpg

    Glam hair is definitely on trend this season for our 2016 Senior Girls and we e are loving this half up, barrel rolled-curl created by our style partner Sorella Salon.  We talk a lot about “You on Your Best Day” and Kelli from Skyline High School is clearly representing!  Also wanted to make a quick note of her fresh, natural make-up.  A lot of our clients are scared of Professional Make-up application but we 100% recommend going pro before your senior pictures. A camera-ready face is quite different than a street face (think of studio lighting and high definition lenses) Our make-up artists are magicians at accentuating your best features and camouflaging any imperfections that might make you feel anything less than fabulous….No shine, eyes that pop, just a gorgeous version of you!  And we saved the best for last — we take care of all of the scheduling and coordinating.  Just let us know that you would like camera ready hair & make-up when you book your senior session and we’ll take care of everything.  For more details or to schedule your appointments and sessions, contact us



    Great-guy-senior-pictures-of-Skyline-High-School-boy-Alejandro_Studio-B-Portraits Great guy senior pictures of Skyline High School boy Alejandro_Studio B Portraits_0109Okay Senior Boys…(and Mom’s of Senior Guys that are trying to help them select outfits 😉 — here’s another super easy “what to wear” idea.  The timeless button down shirt is always a favorite for the fellas but to make this look your own — consider choosing one with a a pattern (like this blue-checked collared version on Alejandro here)  The Skyline High School, Class of 2016 Senior paired it with a black leather jacket which gave us tons of variety and posing options to play with during his session.

    For more Senior Guy Inspiration, be sure to check out our Senior Portfolio and Guy Style Pinterest Board — oh and BONUS… We also shared a cool “Nike-inspired” baseball shot of Alejandro on our Instagram too!



    Best family pictures in Seattle at Sammamish Park on water_Studio B Portraits_0102.jpg
    Great family pictures on Eastside at Sammamish Park_Studio B Portraits_0104.jpg
    Best family pictures in Seattle at Sammamish Park on water_Studio B Portraits_0103.jpg

    For a lot of our families that have High School Seniors that will be heading off to college in this Fall, Summer is the last chance to get everyone together making memories.  That’s exactly what we were doing for the Clawson’s on this gorgeous Seattle day in Sammamish. So fun!  This is hands down the best time of year to photograph outdoor family pictures — we’re in the zone (yes, a football reference for all of our Seattle Seahawk fans).  The next 6 weeks we will photograph more family portraits outside than we do all year!  Location suggestions, wardrobe assistance, Summer look vs. Fall leaves? Happy to help with all of it — planning is critical and since this is what we do… relax and know you are in good hands.  If you would like to schedule your session, CONTACT US now to chat about options, styling and to reserve your date.