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    Do you know how hard it is to shoot these amazing fashion shoots with 425 Magazine and then have to wait SO long to share! (I’m telling you, it is almost physically painful for me)  But now — TAdah – the latest from the 425 May Issue article “Pop of Color”!  I always like to show at least a couple of behind the scenes shots from these photo shoots so that we’re all very clear that it takes HOURS to be a NATURAL beauty!  For all of my high school seniors with aspirations to be professional models like TCM Agency Models Lauren & Mary here…it literally takes a village of talented wardrobe stylist, make-up artists and editorial hair stylist to make the magic happen.  If you follow this blog with any regularity I know you’ve heard me mention Sorella Salon like a million times for the work they do with tons of our high school senior photo shoots and let me tell you — they are the real deal when it comes to editorial work as well.  (That’s Jamie, one of the owners onset changing the models’ hair style for like the 5th wardrobe change…she’s a master)


    Boy Senior Pictures in suit with basketball_Studio B Portraits_Grimm_0241.jpg

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    Almost feel like Nathen was doing a public service for all the senior boys (and their Mom’s that attempt to figure out the age old question of “What to Wear for Senior Pictures”) when he showed up at the studio looking like he stepped out of the pages of GQ Magazine with his selection of clothing.  Mom Autum was quick to give her son all of the credit for his style choices.  The thing that was really cool is that he highlighted the different sides of his personality – one look was “every day”, another sporty, and my personal favorite — this Mad Men suit and tie combination.  Throwing the basketball in for a few of the studio shots resulted in this killer “fast-break” of him coming at the camera.  If I was a little bit of a stinker…which I am not…I am awesome;-)— I would be showing you the outtakes of his Mom throwing the ball to him from offset like 20 times …we were trying to get the perfect action shot… but it was the story of Goldilocks “too high, too low, too hard, too soft — JUST RIGHT!”  If you’re wanting to see the basketball shot bigger, you can check it out on our Facebook page here.

    OH…and I forgot to mention.  We created a NEW “2015 Senior Style Guide For Guys” on Pinterest to help with the “getting dressed” inspiration, poses and ideas to consider for pulling off the best senior pictures for the fellas.  Let me know what you think:-)



    Guess who’s got a brand new look? Oh yeah…we do! Couldn’t be any more thrilled to debut our brand new website and blog for your viewing enjoyment.  We’re still tweaking and adding information so give us a minute to “get all of the boxes unpacked” but feel free  to take a look around and let us know what you think!  The main site is still located at and from their you can always spin into our different boutique sites for SENIOR PICTURES, Headshots and more.


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    I love photographing families — love it!  Sometimes…it’s only me and the Mom that are pumped up in the beginning…but by the end — 99% of the rest of the family comes to the “This didn’t suck” Surprise Party;-)  Heehee.  What…are you shocked??? It’s so true!  A couple of years ago, I was almost ready to change our tag line from “You on Your Best Day” to…”Your Family won’t think it was as horrible as they originally thought” — but frankly — that was a bit wordy for a bumper sticker so we just stuck with what we had!  The Stohler Family brought a fresh and modern spin on the classics that just looks fantastic for our studio photo shoot.  I just adore their upscale casual look with the brothers in button down pattern shirts, Dad in a sports coat and…the girls…let’s just pause and check out the ladies in their super sweet lace, denim and chocolate boots!  Not to be outdone…Pug, Pasha Spice she went with “vintage fur” for our sneak peeks here but let’s be honest — all eyes on her right?