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King 5 Television interview with photographer Brooke Clark about Family Portraits_0222.jpg

So I was totally having a “Look Mom… I’m on TV!” moment as I sat on the King 5 Television News set ready to do an interview with Mimi Jung about Holiday Family Portraits.  (Seemed like the perfect time for a selfie btw 😀 )  Since my specific goal before every family photo shoot is to NOT have my clients end up as a featured page in the next Awkward Family coffee book — I was really excited to share my best suggestions for capturing a great family portrait… and of course my warnings for avoiding the TOP 5 Family Portrait Fails!  Before you watch it… I should probably tell you that this is NOT my first time on television… fun fact — I was actually a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune 20 years ago.  If I ever find that footage…in my hot pink coat with HUGE gold buttons… you’ll be getting that post too)  In the meantime we’ll just stick with this…

  • Nancy Hildebrant

    Brooke, so glad you posted that! I was bummed when I missed it! Awesome!

Cute holiday family portraits of couple with baby in Ugg boots_0220.jpg
Cute holiday family portraits of couple with baby in Ugg boots_0221.jpg
Cute holiday family portraits of couple with baby in Ugg boots_0219.jpg

Yes, it’s the holiday season, but this family portrait was inspired by this sweet baby girl turning the BIG #1. Originally, Mom and Dad had thought that the session would center around just their daughter but watching how delicious she was in front of the camera made everyone want to be joiners.  Side note…I am DYING over this Baby + Daddy portrait — someday I just know it will be a favorite for her too!


Studio B Portraits photographed business headshots for Lash Allure owner Erin Risenmay_0218.jpg
Can we talk about going to great lengths to be beautiful?  No one knows that better than Lash Allure founder Erin Risenmay.  I recently photographed this sharp lady for her upcoming print advertising and it was yet another reminder for me of how many great women-owned businesses we have here on the Eastside.  The focus for this shoot was to keep all of the attention on Erin’s pretty eyes… and lashes of course (hard to believe that they are extensions and not her own, right?)  I love her company’s tag line by the way “Wake Up Beautiful” …but even more, I adore her professionalism each time I pop in to get lashed (yes… I wanted to “wake up beautiful” too) and each of her employees thorough knowledge of popular reality shows– nothing makes an hour fly by faster than talking about the most recent episode of The Bachelor  (Oh, don’t judge me!) 😀


Cute family portraits in burgundy and black in studio_0217.jpg
Welcoming the Wadlows back for their annual holiday family photo shoot is just my absolute joy. It’s always so fun to see how the girls have grown and what Mom Michelle has in store for their wardrobe! (It’s difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that I have been photographing this photogenic four since young Evelyn was in Mama’s tummy) How much are you loving the burgundy and black combo??? It’s the details that do it for me every time… the cool black velvet jacket for Dad and the clever twist on pattern, textures and peek-a-book cut-outs for the ladies! Gorgeous.


Holiday-pictures-of-brother-and-sister-playing-in-fake-snow-at-Studio-B-Portraits photographed by Brooke Clark
I’m forever talking about “The Experience” and what it means to make a memory…not just a portrait.  Photographing the Paxton siblings is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.  Their parents have traditionally photographed the teens each year themselves but this year they were looking for a professional to create “something different, something special.  (Big hand up waiving as I yell..Um… I’m totally in!)  The family arrived with the most fantastic array of outfits and we made our way through the fabulous selection of clothing-eye-candy until we landed on our final picks.  Even though we weren’t photographing Mom and Dad, it was still quite a bonding moment for everyone. It was so cool to see their folks working together styling the kids with accessories, straightening ties, selecting shoes and, smoothing fabrics…a true family affair. We started with some super chic formal looks and then moved on to this “Let It Snow” inspired studio look. (Side note: It has now occurred to me that we will be cleaning up “fake snow” for the next 5 years in the same fashion that we have been clearing glitter from our Senior Summer shoots…but honestly — SO worth it!)  Oh and just in case you think pulling all this off is easy… I wanted you to see the funniest “Fake Snow Fail” — (Our resident studio Snow Expert Robert clearly did not know his own strength when he launched the first snowball from off camera )