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425 Magazine Photo Shoot with Monica Hart at Lavender Farm in Woodinville WA_0181.jpg
425 Magazine Photo Shoot with Monica Hart at Lavender Farm in Woodinville WA_0180.jpg
425 Magazine Photo Shoot with Monica Hart at Lavender Farm in Woodinville WA_0182.jpg

So if any of you have caught my recent attempts at channeling my inner Martha Stewart #CookieFail  then you will understand why I am completely green with envy every time I do a photo shoot with Monica Hart for 425 Magazine.  The true disconnect of course is that she makes it look so easy! (Probably on par with watching a professional ballerina from the comfort of your audience seat and secretly thinking… “ya know… I think I could totally do that!”  😛  For this shoot we were on location at the beautiful Woodinville Lavendar Farm on a perfect Seattle morning and for all of us that love brunch… it just does not get any better that this.


Fall Outdoor Family Pictures near Bellevue by Studio B Portraits_0178.jpg
Fall Outdoor Family Pictures near Bellevue by Studio B Portraits_0177.jpg
Fall Outdoor Family Pictures near Bellevue by Studio B Portraits_0176.jpg

So we are totally wanting in on THIS cute conversation!  Twins Mac & Belle are just beyond adorable and it is hard to believe it’s already been almost a year since our first family portrait session. Last time we had a raucous good time in the studio for a formal holiday look and this year we headed over to the family’s beautiful home for some puddle jumping good fun.  The entire shoot was sponsored by Seattle raindrops but none of it dampened anyone’s spirits!  (As a matter of fact, the babes may have had more fun the muddier we got!)

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Fashion senior pictures of girl in black dress by brick wall_Studio B Portraits

This Skyline High School Senior literally made my whole day! Victoria and her Mom are just those kind of people that make you feel like you have known them forever…and in actuality it’s been an hour 😉  Is it just me or does she remind anyone else of a young Britney Spears … a little bit right?  For this set we were in the studio, music up and Victoria looking oh-so-amazing in her black baby doll dress with gladiator sandal is just beyond beautiful. We also posted another favorite on our Instagram page…her teeth are SO gleaming (in the photo and in person) that it makes us want to buy whatever toothpaste that she is using! (heehee)


Fall Outdoor Family Portraits near barn_Issaquah WA_0170.jpg Fall Outdoor Family Portraits near barn_Issaquah WA_0175.jpg

Fall Outdoor Family Portraits near barn_Issaquah WA_0172.jpg
Fall Outdoor Family Portraits near barn_Issaquah WA_0173.jpg

If you are like me, when you are looking for tips for making great family portraits you find visuals extremely helpful.  Matter of fact, the more the better I say, SO — meet the Shribers!

This is what can happen AFTER your crew of four young sons has jumped off rocks, played swords with tree branches and almost fallen in the water 12 times… family portraits magic! There is no faking a great time with a family of six… you are ACTUALLY creating an awesome family portrait experience or you are NOT getting the shots.  I know that this likely seems obvious but in point of fact, we are always really thoughtful about how and why we put our family sessions together.  One size does not fit all and customizing the experience is key.  I met with Mom Katelyn in advance of her session and  determined very quickly that an interactive, outdoor shoot was our best option.  It’s really important to me that parents get to have as much fun as the kiddos.  A lot of Mom’s tell me that they are always behind the camera, never in the pictures and the last time they were photographed with their spouse professionally was the day they said “I do.”  What??? Well that will not work at all.  Our babes need to see their parents being cute together – photographic evidence that Mom & Dad still like each other! (hah!)

Okay… so now I’m on a roll and I might as well mention that identifying  your family dynamic, the stage, the personality and the style of who you are as a group is a great first step in planning your fabulous family experience.  (If you are shooting at Studio B… we do this for you. If you are reading this from some faraway/not Seattle place, just pick an experienced portrait photographer and they will help you too) We want to know your concerns… you likely will be thrilled to hear what great posing and pretty lighting can do 😉  Family members that don’t like each other, baby weight that you have been carrying for 12 years, need I go on? Trust me, we have heard quite a variety and since this is what we do — just know you are in good hands!

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Beautiful Bellevue High School Vollebyall player in black dress outside for senior pictures_StudioB_0169.jpg

Under the header of “nice people know nice people” — we met Bellevue High School Katie by way of our mutual friend Katy (her teammate that we photographed senior pictures for last year)!  This SuperModel Senior plays competitive volleyball but I’m thinking that after this senior photo shoot… we might be seeing her in the pages of some fashion magazines 😉  We had the best Seattle day to get out and play pictures in downtown Issaquah and yes… she was literally stopping traffic in this little black floral frock.