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    Before and after senior pictures in the rain using flash_Studio B Portraits_0004

    Let’s GEEK OUT for a minute shall we?  For all of you photography enthusiasts who love a little technology mixed with their artistry like I do…I know you will totally love these before and after senior portraits that we created with pretty  Ellie from Issaquah High School.  I always say that we do our photo shoots “rain or shine”…and this session proves it! Let me set the scene — Sideways rain completely uncharacteristic of Seattle Summer threatens to dampen our session (but not our spirits) – we’re talking complete overcast and not a hint of sun.  But… Never fear…Flash to the Rescue !!! (hopefully you just read those last couple of lines in your best “Super Hero Narrator ” voice because that’s how it delivers best (heehee)  Jokes aside, I love “gorgeous natural light” as much as the next person but there was absolutely nothing attractive about the grey cast that we had to work with on this day.  100% of Ellie’s radiant glow here is “Faux Sun”… aka Intern Robert with a metered off-camera flash set-up.   So cool right?

    Thank you to Sorella Salon for Ellie’s gorgeous Camera ready hair and make-up.





    couples poses

    So I was stalking Pinterest (as I often do) and ran across this rather awesome display of posing ideas for couples.  I immediately sent it over to one of my very favorite clients Lisa for her upcoming family photo shoot to ask her if she thought it would be weird for us to make husbands practice their posing with us prior to a family portrait session  (haha).  She and I were in absolute mutual agreement – “UM…Nope”….not weird at all.  What do you think???


    Senior boy with bass guitar in tuxedo_Studio B Portraits

    Trevor is a talented musician with an understated cool that is further confirmed when you find out that he plays the bass guitar. (Let’s be honest…bass, drums, sax…all inherently swag worthy instruments even before you play a note, right?)  I have to laugh at the twisted tale of shenanigans that it took to get to these great senior portraits. It began with forgetting the tux at home…hit mid stride with a wardrobe malfunction in the button department and ultimately landed us right here – looking NICE!  An excellent exclamation point on the “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” axiom.   Like what you see? Be sure to check out more of our Recent Senior Sessions here on the blog and also our “Best of” on our Portfolio.


    Outdoor senior pictures of girl sun dress_Studio B Portraits_0369

    Years ago I heard Super Model Tyra Banks say that “Everybody looks more glamorous with a fan” — I just loved that because it’s SO true…bring on the breeze!  During Morgan’s senior pictures session we were trying to incorporate the pop of color from these yellow flowers (Mom loves flowers) and just as I was lining up the frame…a huge gust of window came up and I snapped this shot on the right — SO pretty.  Morgan also wanted to add colorful balloons into her session and we scored this super cute sneak peek that I shared on our Facebook page here.