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High School senior boy with vintage lacrosse stick_0157.jpg

Piggybacking on my earlier post about the difference in photographing High School Seniors boys versus the girls — I just had to share this!  Issaquah High School Senior Jacob and I had a really cool shoot complete with some Abercrombie inspired images of him with his vintage lacross stick and one hell of a cool brick & stucco wall.  Me, his sister and his lovely Mom were headed back to the studio when this ultra cool 2016 Senior says… “Hey, can I try just one more thing…I’d like to do Zoolander blue steel?  “Um — YEAH you can!” 😀  For your viewing pleasure… please Enjoy! (Be sure to click the arrow on the Instagram video to get the full effect)


Girl swimmer for high school senior pictures_Studio B__blue

This STEM High School Senior has basically been in the pool for as long as she can remember, so when Claudia had the idea that she would like to create senior portraits that celebrated her sport…I knew just where we were headed…(Or rather… where I hoped we were headed, but I knew she’d have to take a leap of faith in my idea) I asked Claudia if she would be game to be a little adventurous so after we finished her “real senior pictures”, she jumped into her swim suit, doused herself in water and we just went for it!  I think it went “swimingly!”… get it? I said swim-ing-ly because she’s a swimmer? (I can literally feel my daughter rolling her eyes behind me right now — #FeelingGoofy)


Fun family pictures and outtakes in the studio at Studio B_0144.jpg

Fun family pictures and outtakes in the studio at Studio B_0143.jpg

I’ve said it before and it is still true… the family that plays together, stays together and it’s never been more obvious than the Korn family! I used to call shots like the one above “outtakes” but the truth is… we put these in our art books and make them part of lasting memories for our families.  The silly and play-filled antics may not land the coveted “over the fireplace” position but they are representative of everything that is awesome about this experience together!

Oh and on a complete side note — you’ll notice that we were photographing in the studio.  Mom Kim mentioned that she and her son can sometimes feel light sensitive when shooting outdoors — “casual studio” is a great alternative for folks that sometimes feel squinty during outdoor sessions…. indoors doesn’t have to be formal 😉


I’m pretty sure this post doesn’t even need any commentary from me, but… it is a blog after all so I’ll give you a little something something 😉  This is Issaquah High School 2016 Senior Cole.  I photographed his gorgeous sister Meg a couple of years ago and let’s just say… same family does not equal the same type of photo shoot.  Boys are just different. (file that under the category of um… “obvious”)  What is fun for a girl and results in beautiful smiles is not going to give you the same natural smiles in a high school senior boy.  The fellas are not about “pretending” to have a good time…if they are having fun it shows, if they are not… believe me that will be crystal clear as well.  During our guy photo shoots, we joke and play a lot — in this case — Cole was demonstrating his superior planking skills 😉  Fun is as fun does, right?  I don’t care how we get to the party… I just want everyone to have a good time once we get there!

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Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs
Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs by Studio B_0138.jpg
Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs by Studio B_0139.jpg
Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs by Studio B_0141.jpg Outdoor family portraits on Lake Sammamish of the Carrs by Studio B

So… I don’t want to over-sell this, but — The Carr Family is the best family ever! (cue the fireworks,  rainbows and ticker tape parade) 😀 No seriously… this was such a fun shoot — and I’m even factoring in the part where I almost got flattened by their extremely enthusiastic puppy AND… Dad Chris playing a practical joke that literally left me speechless.

So the backstory… I met the Carr’s at their beautiful Lake Sammamish home to photograph them for the cover of Above The Lake Magazine.  It’s a gorgeous day like only Seattle can deliver.  To my delight… everyone is not only ready for their close-up but so warm and inviting that I think to myself …gosh, it’s like we have been friends for years …or even better…I would totally like to be friends… similar to how we all feel every time we see Taylor Swift bring her favorite celeb BFF’s on stage during her concert and secretly wish it was us (Am I alone here? Don’t judge me 😀 ) Anyway – we’re mid way through the photo shoot and Dad Chris says to me: “Hey, do you remember photographing me in Los Angeles many years ago” — My mind races…I’m blank….how could I have forgotten this man? Admittedly — I’ve done like a b-gillion photo shoots… but this is a great guy. Maybe the birth of my three kiddos really did rob me of all of my good brain cells)  That stream of consciousness happens in a rapid-fire one-two punch but I’m determined to rally.  Over the course of the next hour… it’s a cat and mouse game of Chris walking me down memory lane… and me careening off into a semi truck of “I’ve got nothing-ness” (but all of that happens…just in my head) — He mentions the Santa Monica location, the companies he worked for… it’s all there, what is wrong with me??? And now as we close out the shoot — I’m forced to admit… I’m a terrible person that somehow managed to forget this amazing human being … to which he says with a huge grin “Just kidding, we’ve NEVER MET — my daughter told me that you worked down there and I thought I’d have some fun with you.”  –huh? what? — OH-MY-GOSH.  (Maybe I should have been a little salty… but nope, I’m not embarrassed to share with you that I felt the most overwhelming sense of relief to know that I’m NOT crazy, my memory is actually still relatively intact) AND then my next thought…um, I still want to be friends with the entire lovely family!!!  (Alright, maybe I’m a little crazy 😉 … but the Carr’s are awesome so be sure to check out the feature on them in the new Above The Lake. )

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