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    “Do I need to have professional hair styling and make-up?”  Um, in life…technically, the answer is NO — I personally “NEED” food, water, shelter and access to E! Entertainment television”;-)but for a photo shoot…YES, I would highly recommend it. Why?

    1. Let’s first start with the idea that your portrait session is a special occasion and lasting document of this time. Whether you are photographing senior pictures, family portraits or head shots — these images are going to be with you for many many years.

    2. Styling professionals are professionals for a reason — their access to tools, techniques and products combined with their education and skill are the reason that models in magazines look like…well…models in magazines:-)

    3. It’s important to note that a “street face”…how we apply our make-up each day is quite different than a “camera-ready” face where special attention is given to prepping your skin for studio lights and high definition camera lenses.  I love the pop to the eyes, lashes and brows that only a pro make-up artist can achieve — it’s just gorgeous.

    For anyone that worries about the “overdone look” — erase it from your brain.  This is Studio B Portraits – You on Your Best Day…Fresh and Natural. It’s also a collaboration between you and our stylists.  (This would be a fabulous time to thank the lovely folks at Sorella for Mikayla’s goregeous camera-ready look here…notice how you can see her sweet freckles?)  When you schedule your portrait sessions with us, we always offer this service and schedule the appointments with plenty of time before your session — I’m hoping I answered all of your questions here but feel free to touch base if I can help you with anything regarding preparing for a great shoot.


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    First look at Melinda + George’s Wedding!  The couple chose the regal Weyerhaeuser Estate and if you’ve never seen this venue before — it’s Old World European charm blended with the Northwest’s most spectacular water view.  We were SO very honored to document this most special of days with the couple and as you would imagine — the entire occasion was filled with smiles and laughter….EXCEPT — for one short moment following the ceremony.  (Oh you know it’s coming right?  The thing that cracked me up — and then immediately made me have to take a picture to make sure NOBODY missed it for posterity)  Let me set the scene….  The bride and groom have kissed, walked down the aisle and been followed by the wedding party and guests to the adjacent courtyard to photograph group portraits with our fabulous associate photographer Anna.  I lingered behind until all of the guests had cleared thinking I’d get some detail shots when Flower Girl Ava comes running in with fierce determination…she wants her flower petals back (you know the ones that she dropped on the aisle and even some that had been there before she arrived;-)— that’s right, she wants EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.  When the other kids came back to retrieve her for the family photos — this reaction above was priceless!

    Oh and before I finish for the day, I did want to show you one more of my absolute favorites of the couple that we posted on our Weddings By Studio B Facebook page….a gorgeous black and white portrait of the couple kissing in front of the water. LOVE it!

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    425 Magazine Spring Fashion 2014_Brooke Clark Studio B_0245
    425 Magazine Spring Fashion 2014_Brooke Clark Studio B_0244
    425 Magazine Spring Fashion 2014_Brooke Clark Studio B_0243

    Do you know how hard it is to shoot these amazing fashion shoots with 425 Magazine and then have to wait SO long to share! (I’m telling you, it is almost physically painful for me)  But now — TAdah – the latest from the 425 May Issue article “Pop of Color”!  I always like to show at least a couple of behind the scenes shots from these photo shoots so that we’re all very clear that it takes HOURS to be a NATURAL beauty!  For all of my high school seniors with aspirations to be professional models like TCM Agency Models Lauren & Mary here…it literally takes a village of talented wardrobe stylist, make-up artists and editorial hair stylist to make the magic happen.  If you follow this blog with any regularity I know you’ve heard me mention Sorella Salon like a million times for the work they do with tons of our high school senior photo shoots and let me tell you — they are the real deal when it comes to editorial work as well.  (That’s Jamie, one of the owners onset changing the models’ hair style for like the 5th wardrobe change…she’s a master)


    Boy Senior Pictures in suit with basketball_Studio B Portraits_Grimm_0241.jpg

    Boy Senior Pictures in suit with basketball_Studio B Portraits_Grimm_0242

    Almost feel like Nathen was doing a public service for all the senior boys (and their Mom’s that attempt to figure out the age old question of “What to Wear for Senior Pictures”) when he showed up at the studio looking like he stepped out of the pages of GQ Magazine with his selection of clothing.  Mom Autum was quick to give her son all of the credit for his style choices.  The thing that was really cool is that he highlighted the different sides of his personality – one look was “every day”, another sporty, and my personal favorite — this Mad Men suit and tie combination.  Throwing the basketball in for a few of the studio shots resulted in this killer “fast-break” of him coming at the camera.  If I was a little bit of a stinker…which I am not…I am awesome;-)— I would be showing you the outtakes of his Mom throwing the ball to him from offset like 20 times …we were trying to get the perfect action shot… but it was the story of Goldilocks “too high, too low, too hard, too soft — JUST RIGHT!”  If you’re wanting to see the basketball shot bigger, you can check it out on our Facebook page here.

    OH…and I forgot to mention.  We created a NEW “2015 Senior Style Guide For Guys” on Pinterest to help with the “getting dressed” inspiration, poses and ideas to consider for pulling off the best senior pictures for the fellas.  Let me know what you think:-)