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I’m a big fan of lists…  give me a pro & con or do & don’t version…and I’m golden but the truth is — when it comes to getting your professional headshot there is just ONE thing at the top of my list for you in terms of rules.  Yep…just one.  If you never read anything else on the topic of personal branding and professional headshots, let this be the single take-way for ever and ever, Amen. Here you go:  NO MAKE-OVERS.  (I know we’re not supposed to capitalize because it means I’m shouting…but um, I’m actually yelling here for emphasis 😀 )  Do not try something new visually for your headshot session.  Honestly, don’t do it.  Picture day is all about home-runs — fit, color, hairstyle — go with what you know is amazing.  Professional headshots are “you on your best day” — not the time to get clever.

  • For the ladies, we always recommend professional hair & make-up  to give you that camera-ready polish but no drastic cuts or color changes, don’t do curls if you normally wear your hair blown straight (or vice versa) — stick to your basic awesomeness and save the experiments for a special occasion.
  • For men, haircuts are a week before your shoot and keep your facial hair in alignment with how you present for clients.
  • We get a lot of questions regarding glasses and actually… this is a bit of a grey area if you split time wearing them so our recommendation is to bring them… shoot a few frames with and a few without to give yourself options.  (Same logic applies to ties versus open collar by the way)

Andrea (above) is a great example of getting it right. She dressed head to toe in a style that is industry appropriate for her profession and scheduled her hair & make-up with our partner salon, Sorella before her session.

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  • Mary Batterson

    Hi, Brooke!
    Gorgeous photography of a gorgeous subject! I don’t know what this woman does for a living, but I WANT to hire her on the basis of these photos alone. (I think I officially have headshot envy.)
    Love to you and your family…and I’m with you…bring on the summer!
    Last, but not least, Happy 9th Anniversary! May you have many, many more. We are so lucky to have you working your magic in the Seattle/Bellevue/Issaquah area.

Great senior pictures of girl in blowing glitter_studio b portraits_0067.jpg Great senior pictures of girl in blowing glitter_studio b portraits_0069.jpg

Great senior pictures of girl in blowing glitter_studio b portraits_0068.jpg

Ready to get your glitter on for senior pictures?  Nisha from Skyline High School had the clever idea to incorporate a little glitter goodness into her photo shoot — well… one thing lead to another and let’s just say — there is not one person who has been to Studio B since her session that hasn’t left with a little sparkle in their step. LITERALLY…on the bottom of their shoes because come to find out — this magical dust sticks around for a long time!  We added a little behind the scenes video from Nisha’s shoot on our Instagram here.  Want to see more Studio B Seniors, be sure to check out our senior portfolio.


Tips for how to hide double chin and extra weight in professional headshot

By now, everyone with a Linked In account (and a pulse) knows that they are supposed to have a great profile picture but for a lot of business professionals — the prospect of getting in front of the camera presents a variety of questions.  After we posted a recent headshot article on our Facebook page, Tori (above) contacted us with a question that we get A LOT.

Tori asked… Any trick to hiding multiple chins? The answer is a resounding YES! I invited Tori to the studio and asked if she would be my model for a quick posing & lighting demonstration.  The left image is Tori just posing herself with no customizing of the lighting– no direction, instructions or guidance from me on this one.   Then, literally within 60 seconds, we were able to create a completely different look.  By lighting for Tori’s face shape, changing her angle to the camera and my angle to her– we created the image on the right.  Shazamm! …Cool right?

If you have any questions that you’d like to see us answer or demonstrate, please feel free to reach out and let us know!


Great senior pictures of girl in black dress against vintage purple backdrop_0039.jpg
Great senior pictures of girl in black dress against vintage purple backdrop_0040.jpg

I loved this senior photo shoot with Newcastle Senior Maddie and she did something that I think is SO clever and I just had to share.  For this little black dress look that we were photographing in the studio, we had Maddie put her change of shoes and cardigan sweater set off to the side (just outside of the camera view.)  By having these tiny little changes, we were able to create even more variety out of just one outfit.  And BONUS… posing becomes more fun too because there are tons of new vamping options (snuggling into the sweater, dropping it off her shoulders, taking it off completely and showing the detail on the back of her dress etc)  Cool right?  We added a “behind the scenes” shot to our Instagram… so you can see how the magic happens and also a ton of new 2016 Senior Pictures featuring our NEW Model Team on Facebook 😉

Big thank you to our styling partner Sorella Salon for Maddie’s gorgeous camera ready look.

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Great professional headshots of woman in blue velvet jacket with denim

Some people make getting dressed for a photo shoot look so easy don’t they? Yeah… I’m talking about Kate Hudson look-a-like Marja above.  (heehee)  This blue velvet jacket, denim and sweet bow-tie booty shoe combo is spot-on! Believe me, making it look effortless requires a lot of effort!  I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating…if you want to take the stress out of getting ready for your Portfolio or Headshot Session, the very best thing you can do is plan & prepare.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Think about where you are going to use the final images (Professional Networking? Social Media? Online Dating) and let that be your guide for each and every outfit.
  • Dress head to toe… even if nobody sees your feet in a particular shot… pulling your entire look together gives you that extra touch of camera-ready confidence
  • Bring alternatives… heck, bring a suitcase of options and include accessories that make a statement about you
  • Do your homework and look through pictures and poses that you think are amazing… it helps you feel prepared to communicate your vision (remember this is a collaborative process!)… Since it’s May and everything is blooming… ladies, I found this fun article on 15 Spring Trends… a little inspiration for you 🙂

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