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    Cool guy senior picture of high schol boy in brown leather coath with guitar_0221.jpg

    Cool guy senior picture of high schol boy in brown leather coath with guitar_0219.jpg

    Looking a little bit like Chris Hemsworth meets a young Brad Pitt would have made photographing 2015 Senior Nicholas a good time but add the guitar, his great style and super nice personality — NOW we had a party!  (Does it seem ungrateful of me to complain about the chilly temps when it was crystal clear Seattle skies?…Um, just writing it down and reading it back to myself confirmed that I should just keep that to myself (#BabyItsColdOutside)  Want more?  Of course you do…I also added another favorite with Nicholas and his long board to our Facebook and Instagram pages.




    Jackson is hands down the cutest 12th Man ever!  We’ll be bringing you more from this sweet baby’s portrait session but in celebration of our Seahawks last Blue Friday…it seemed only right that this would be our first sneak peek!  You have gotta love that Mommy and Daddy are starting this little fella early on in his love of our home team — Go Seahawks!!!

    • […] You know that phrase sleeping like a baby?… It should include the caveat that you need 12 rounds of milk and some serious snuggles from Daddy and rocking from Mommy if you are going to get young Jackson to snooze!  Let’s face it…at just 4 weeks, he’s a boy that did not want to miss a thing!  We captured these beautifully sweet cuddles and then after a little siesta — we did a wardrobe change (yes, even baby’s indulge in fashion here at Studio B) — into his Seahawks gear. […]

    Interview with Seattle headshot photographer Brooke Clark

    In business today, it’s never been more important to communicate who you are…. not just what you do. I think we can all agree that the best version of you is 100% better than the knock-off version of someone else, right? I built my entire career on the idea that I’d set a nice low bar (yes…I said it… a LOW bar:-)…pat myself on the back for my success and then raise it again. That little voice of doubt can’t become a big roar of fear if I’m winning a little victory every day. For those of you that are scared to put yourself out there because you haven’t lost the weight or you don’t look the way you did 10 years ago – just remember that great lighting, fabulous posing and a rocking photographer can go a long way – haha! You thought I was going to say it’s not about looking perfect didn’t you? I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention because the truth is… feeling amazing and looking great is part of your personal best on a business level every bit as much as education, experience, networking and all of the other tools in your arsenal of professional awesome-ness (I stole that last word from my 10 year old… just feels good to say, doesn’t it?) I’ve written several articles about personal branding as it pertains to capturing your professional headshot image and after you sift through the snappy clothing, styled hair and flawless make-up… it always comes down to asking yourself if the final look is authentically you because that’s who people are doing business with each day.


    2016 Studio B Seniors Model Team

    NEW Model Interview!!! Funny, sassy, smart Mariah is just unforgettably awesome in every way.  I love how she lights up a room and makes each of us feel so special for just getting to bask in her glow! From her future with Liam Hemsworth to her keeping-it-real attitude on “senior-itis”…I know you are going to love our interview with Mariah (above)

    READY FOR YOUR TURN IN THE SPOTLIGHT?  We are currently accepting applications for our 2016 Studio B Seniors Modeling Team.  If you are (or know) a High School Junior, Class of 2016 student that is social, smart, fun, positive, outgoing, photogenic …then keep reading for directions to apply below.Our Studio B Models like Mariah are the Face of Studio B Seniors. Selected student models help us with showcasing the latest styles for the upcoming Senior Season, promote Studio B Seniors at their schools and are featured in all of our print and online advertisements including full page spreads in 425 Magazine.   Our promotional models for the 2016 Campaign will receive a complimentary modeling photo shoot with professional camera-ready hair & make-up from the amazing stylist at Sorella Salon and  have the opportunity to earn credit toward their Summer senior pictures.

    For additional information and to apply online:

    1. Like us on Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram
    2. Contact Us and put “2016 Studio B Model-Online Application” in the message box  — As soon as we receive your message we will send you a link to the online application.

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    10 Great Valentines Day Ideas with Monica Hart featured in 425 Magazine_Studio B Portraits
    10 Great Valentines Day Ideas with Monica Hart featured in 425 Magazine_Studio B Portraits_0214.jpg

    10 Great Valentines Day Ideas with Monica Hart featured in 425 Magazine_Studio B Portraits_0215.jpg

    I LOVE my husband…I really do, but Valentines Day transformed into an extravaganza of candy hearts for our kids many many years ago!  Then…I photographed this 425 Magazine feature with the fabulous Monica Hart and I started to feel inspired that even I could pull off a Pinterest-worthy date night with my Valentine.  Full disclaimer as you stare through Monica’s rose colored glasses — this lady is major talented so where she is hand-dipping her own fortune cookies, sauteing her secret recipe crab cakes and crafting gold leaf hearts — I’ll be cheating with the Trader Joe’s & Michael’s version 😉  Honestly there were at least 10 totally do-able ideas for me — favorites… Casa Blanca on the big screen, sweet treats in perfect little serving sizes and of course fun beverages in fancy glasses!

    xoxo, Brooke