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    Samoan Girl playing ukulele for senior pictures_Studio B Portraits_0287.jpg
    Samoan Girl playing ukulele for senior pictures_Studio B Portraits_0289.jpg
    Samoan Girl playing ukulele for senior pictures_Studio B Portraits_0288.jpg

    Meet Dani from Skyline High School — bringing  the absolute best of “Samoan Sass” to her Senior Pictures photo shoot.  So clearly proud of her heritage and tradition, (I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite shoots from 2012 with my first Polynesian Princess senior shoot) – it was just a joy to stand back and let Dani shine the minute that her Mom adorned her hair with the fresh flowers.  And the ukulele?  Not just a prop…oh yeah…Dani plays, but this girl is way more than one note (pun intended people:D)  We headed into the studio and she completed transformed into a modern chic LBD (little black dress) — and started working her very best Beyonce moves with — of course because it’s Seattle…an umbrella.  You can see a few of my favorites here on Instagram…and another here on our Facebook page.

    • Ann Rivers

      Brooke!!! You did such an incredible job of capturing the real Dani-girl…our fun loving, multifaceted, beautiful daughter. Thanks to your HUGELY MAD skills and talents, we now have perfect reflections of this monumental moment in time. Our sincerest appreciation –Ray & Ann

    • William Liu

      My Niece “Dani Girl” is such a beautiful young lady inside and out. I am so glad to see how these pictures have caught her in such a way that you can see not just the beauty on the outside, but the even more beautiful person on the inside that is “Dani”. Thank you for the wonderful way you have captured her for her Senior Pictures

    We have had SO much great feedback on our new senior shows – apparently the behind the scenes videos are quite a fan favorite.  We thought we’d keep the party going and share our our NEW Senior Guy Show featuring Rees from Issaquah High School.  Just in case you are thinking it’s all glam — trust me when I tell you — he had to “fake throw” the ball and take his t-shirt on & off more times than any rational person would have patience for as we attempted to get the Abercrombie-meets-Athlete look! He was such a good sport — smiled the whole way through:-)


    Product Collage of Senior Pictures at Studio B Portraits

    Product Collage of Senior Pictures at Studio B Portraits

    I have got give a HUGE shout out to Tori Magee for sending me this “oh-so-awesome” picture that she took of her son Bryce’s Senior Portraits Collection laid out at her house.  (The irony of course is that I have NEVER thought to do this myself and share it with you here on the blog.  Given the hundreds of prints, wall pieces and books that we create for our high school seniors each year …I’ll just have to file that epiphany under the category of “duh, wish I’d thought of it but happy that someone else did:D“)  It’s so neat to capture his framed collage, gift prints and portfolio book all in one amazing snap because you can really see all of his personality just shining through. LOVE IT.


    Model portfolio and headshots of 14 year old girl_Studio B Portraits_0285.jpg

    Model portfolio and headshots of 14 year old girl_Studio B Portraits_0284.jpg

    Meet Miss Ellie! We photographed a portfolio session for the aspiring model and quickly realized that at just 14 years of age — um, the camera REALLY loves her.  We shot four different outfits — each one featuring Ellie’s best features including her big green eyes, flawless skin, athletic/dancer’s build and of course…her indescribable “IT” factor. BIG thank you to Wesley at Sorella Salon for her gorgeous camera ready hair & make-up


    Great Outdoor Family Portraits in Fall_Studio B Portraits_0277.jpg

    Great Outdoor Family Portraits in Fall_Studio B Portraits_0279.jpg
    Great Outdoor Family Portraits in Fall_Studio B Portraits_0278.jpg

    You’d think with all of these gorgeous Fall Portraits that I’d be talking to you about the amazing color and sunshine that graced us on this rainy day but NO — I’m going to sit here and rave about the Kemmerer Family.  I simply love them. Not your regular run-of-the-mill feelings of affection…but the “maybe you could adopt me and I could be a part of your family” type of adoration.:D  The morning of our shoot was just buckets of Seattle rain so imagine how excited we were to see the skies clear and the sun begin to shine for us.  To be fair…nobody was more excited than Sherman (the dog) for getting outside and it was his enthusiasm in the black & white shot above that had us all cracking up.  (Yep…he rolled, and rolled and rolled with joy until Andrew stepped in and got him camera ready for this portrait here)

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