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Sammamish family portrait studio_Walschots

Under the heading of “nice people know nice people” … we were introduced to the lovely Walschots Family by way of Dr. Susan Chen up on the Sammamish Plateau.  Dr. Chen asked us to photograph her favorite family patients for her Pine Lake Family Dentistry website and not surprisingly…each one is just kinder than the last.  The Walschots are just naturals in front of the camera… of course it doesn’t hurt that they genuinely like one another…so the smiles and the snuggles came easily.  After their session, we created a beautiful wall series for their home and this super cute Christmas card design for all of their family & friends.


Can I go ahead and coin the term Upscale Urban Family Portraits or did someone already do it? Whatever I’m in total love with everything about the Fessler’s look and ooooh I’m so excited to debut their family pictures for you!

Upscale urban family portraits of Bellevue modern family photographed by Brooke Clark   
  Mom Diane had shared with me that she did not want the traditional setting for her family portraits; she was looking for something with a little edge, a bit of urban flair but nothing too over the top.  The family’s style is contemporary, cool and clearly wildly attractive so I was thrilled when we were lucky enough to get a gorgeous Seattle day that would be the perfect backdrop to their upscale casual look. (Mom is so chic… doesn’t it make you want to run out and buy a blazer with denim stat? #DidIt)


Sisters Claire and Emme look like they stepped right out of Teen Magazine but when Dad began to moonwalk half way through the shoot with a Blue-Steal face that Zoolander would envy… I knew we were in for a party!

Upscale urban family portraits of Fessler Family in Issaquah WA
You can just believe the family was stopping traffic in this last portrait. LOVE! Talk about making it look easy. If you are feeling inspired for your own family shoot, be sure to follow our family sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook. Also we have our November “K.I.S.S” Event (Keep It Studio Special) happening now. Click for details


Bellevue High School Girl in overalls photographed by Studio B Portraits
Would you ever guess that this beautiful Bellevue High School Girl was nervous for her senior pictures? We wouldn’t either! Grace was such a natural in front the camera and this series of her is just beyond adorable.  Side note… it was totally raining while we were shooting! (Thank God for awnings and pretty cloud cover)  Here is another one of our favorites that we posted on our Instagram.


Seeing Double with the Briggs Twins Senior Pictures

Seeing Double with the Briggs Twins Senior Pictures
Yes you are most definitely seeing double! We are seriously twinning this season (Tanner and Ryan round out our third pair of birthday sharing siblings for the Class of 2017!) As funny as they are handsome, the look-a-like brothers were nice enough to arrive with different hair styles so I at least had a fighting chance of telling the identical duo apart. (Full disclosure… I still mixed them up for like the first full hour — they would change their outfit and I would change their names… #Impressive. (The boys were kind enough to just simply answer me anyway)

For more senior pictures featuring Class of 2017 boys, be sure to follow us on Instagram #StudioBguys


Yep… here are the Clark’s wishing you a Mythical Halloween! Getting to this family Halloween costume Greek Gods was touch and go I tell you. It was so much easier when my kiddos were younger (with less opinions!)

Greek Gods Family Halloween Costumes featuring Brooke Clark and Family photographed at Studio B Portraits
 You should have seen the long list of rejected themes that we argued about until we landed on this one (haha!)  My middle kid is always driving on anything creative so all credit goes to her for Halloween 2016. In case it’s not crystal clear from our floating in the clouds rendering — Daddy is Zeus, Mommy is Aphrodite, Oldest daughter is Medusa, Middle Daughter is  Athena and our big guy is rounding out the family as Hercules (but his day job is Iron Man)  Below… are just a handful of the ba-gillion outtakes from our shoot as well as a few of my favorite individual portraits. (I was cracking up when my husband and I were trying desperately to pose together… The fact that it looked like he was trying to stab me with his lighting bolt just fricken cracked me up.

greek-god-family-halloween-costumes_0452 Family Halloween Costume Greek Gods Medusa Hercules Athena