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      Business Headshot Special | Professionals Week March 24-28 Seattle Portrait Studio


      We do exactly ONE professional headshot promotion each year — and DING DING…it’s here. But before I get to the details– I wanted share a quick story about Dr. Terry Jacobson (pictured above) and thank her for allowing us to showcase her recent headshot image for our Professional’s Week promo.  Terry is like A LOT of Studio B clients that look forward to portrait sessions in the same fashion that they appreciate hot forks through their eyes.  As soon as we met, I was confused as to why…I mean, clearly she is more than ready for her close-up in a very big way.  Of course we had a fantastic photo shoot but it was the note that she sent me later that totally made me fall out of my chair laughing….

      "You guys rock. I might actually enjoy photos one of these days as a result (well….hmmmmm….maybe not).
      You made it far less painful than I anticipated.
      xox TJ"

      For all of you that have been looking for a little nudge toward putting hot forks into your eyes…I mean getting your head shot done — here’s your perfect time;-)March 24-28th is Professionals Week at Studio B Portraits — that special week of the year that our rock star Head Shot Special becomes just a little more fabulous. This all-inclusive portrait session gives you everything you need to refresh your look, and update your marketing and Linked-in profiles with your new contemporary head shot. Mention Studio B Portraits Promo Code PW14 to receive $25 off your session. Need a little inspiration for your head shot session? Check out our our gallery of business professionals at


      High School Models Wanted! – Class of 2015 Feature Interview: Elise, Issaquah High

      High School Senior Model for Studio B Seniors_IHS

      Hope everyone is enjoying our Interview Series with our favorite High School Senior Models from last season.  Today we’re talking with Issaquah High School blue-eyed beauty Elise!  If you are a Class of 2015 student interested in applying for the new team, be sure to read below, touch base and APPLY ONLINE.

      1. Elise

      2. Issaquah High School

      3. My style right now is… oversized sweaters with leggings and some cute boots, along with a statement necklace.

      4. Favorite Magazine: Lucky

      5. Favorite retailer: Aritzia

      6. So “Right Now”… high waisted skirts with tights and combat boots, worn with a long trench coat.

      7. So “Over it”… Printed leggings

      8. My favorite color is baby blue.

      9. My celebrity style icon is Lauren Conrad

      10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was tearing up every 5 seconds from the high powered fan

      11. My favorite Studio B photo is when i wore jeans and a plaid shirt and we did the shoot on the train tracks and along the gate. It’s my favorite because i love the setting/background and my outfit is really casual and matches the outdoorsy feel to the shot.

      READY FOR YOUR TURN IN THE SPOTLIGHT? Our awesome Studio B Models like Elise are the Face of Studio B Seniors. Selected student models help us with showcasing the latest styles for the upcoming Senior Season, promote Studio B Seniors at their schools and are featured in all of our print and online advertisements including partner promotions with Sorella Salon & full page spreads in 425 Magazine. Our promotional models for the 2015 Campaign will receive a complimentary modeling photo shoot and have the opportunity to earn credit toward their Summer senior pictures. Click here for more and to apply online


      What to do when picture day goes horribly wrong? A photographer's story


      When I was in the fourth grade, my Mom forgot it was picture day — unfortunately for her…I did not. I lived a block from school so I ran home, threw on my best lavender sweater & acid wash jean combo circa 1982 and proceeded to bring home the most hideous school picture I’d taken to date. BUT I’m an overachiever and with great effort I managed to unseat the title of “worst class picture ever” when I got to 11th grade…sprayed my bangs sky high…fashioned the entire style into a stiff isosceles triangle…utilizing a full can of Aqua Net, paired it with my braces and rocked the shot once again — SWEET ) Fast forward to 2014 and I’ve pretty much dedicated my entire Senior Pictures Photography style to NOT letting other kids go down in flames like I did for what should be the most special time of their High School career. It’s also the reason that I’ve photographed my newphew’s “picture day” photo as he’s come through school over the years too. This year — Mason is in the 9th grade and although he is clearly a few years from being one of my seniors — oh my goodness, I already know it’s only going to be a blink before it’s his turn. That being said… in my mind he will always be that little 2 years old baby walking with me to Starbucks whose little legs got too tired…so I carried him the entire way home. (That was coincidentally…the same day that I learned the true value of remembering to bring a stroller)



      Faking Fabulous with Alexandra Hedin 425 Magazine Photo Shoot

      Faking Fabulous_425 Magazine March 2014a_StudioBportraits_0003.jpg

      Faking Fabulous_425 Magazine March 2014_StudioBportraits_0004.jpg

      Another fantastic shoot with 425′s Entertainment Editor Alexandra Hedin –  and…she did it again with her new spread in the magazine’s March/April edition “Faking Fabulous…Creating a Birthday Celebration in a Snap because who doesn’t want an invite to this birthday bash? I mean WOW, the whole look is just so contemporary, coordinated and polished!  I love shooting with Ali because she always makes it so stupidly simple to make great images together…and since there were no bee stings on this shoot (see last photo shoot debacle) I felt like we were 10x’s more likely to be successful ;-)  If I’m super honest — I don’t think I was as inspired to try a DIY of this look as much as I was inspired to HIRE someone else to do it for me!!! (Is this where I mention again…I’m a TERRIBLE cook)


      Simple Wardrobe Tip for a Great Headshot | Professional Photographer near Bellevue

      Great professional headshots outdoors of woman in geometric black & white print_StudioBportraits_0001.jpg

      So I love when I see a style idea that is awesome…yet also TOTALLY doable (that might seem like a strange comment but I’m a Mom of three so even the lightest load can seem like heavy lifting on the wrong morning for me) — I know you know what I mean so tuck this one away the next time you are coming over to Studio B to update your headshot and you are struggling with the BIG “What to wear” question.  Here it is…cue the drumroll — “Bring a coat!” Wait what?  Oh you read it right — bring a coat like Jenelle here or even a cardigan sweater can do the job too.  The simple act of putting it on, opening the front or buttoning it up gives you so many different visual choices when it comes time to make your final choices that you’ll be sure to see tons of images that you love.  Jenelle paired her top — a contemporary geometric print pattern in black & white with a super cute black jacket (don’t you love that sweet bow collar?) and she photographs so differently when we changed her pose, background and angles.