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Holiday Family Portrait Special at Studio B in Issaquah

We do one family portrait special each year and… ta-dah… here we go! It’s the official launch of our November, K.I.S.S (Keep It Studio Special). We know you want spectacular Holiday Cards and Portraits whether it showers or shines on the day of your photo shoot and this is the perfect one stop portrait session. No need to worry about Seattle rain because our special includes:

  • Pre-session wardrobe consultation
  • One full studio portrait session (photographed in November)
  • 24 custom designed holiday cards on metallic shimmer paper (flat style)
  • Social Media version to “show & share” with online friends
  • $100 print credit


  1. CONTACT US to Book your “K.I.S.S” (Keep It Studio Special) Holiday Family Portraits.

 Do you know why I photograph magazine style senior pictures? The easy answer would be to tell you that it’s because my own senior pictures experience back in the day was less than stellar (which is actually true) but more than that… it’s an amazing opportunity to be carefree, creative and completely playful in a way that is usually reserved for young children. Seriously, the other day I saw a little girl about 5 wearing her tutu and tiara to the grocery store… happy as could be. You could tell that she felt REALLY good and I thought to myself — awe c’mon, don’t we all want that kind of joy? So yes, I love a little magazine style posing and Hollywood theatrics during our photoshoots and the fact that “no one does this in real life” is not going to stop us from doing it today and probably tomorrow too!

Shout out to the beautiful Sarah… this Class of 2017 beauty is just beyond gorgeous and sweet in every way. She was such a good sport and didn’t bat an eyelash when we asked her to climb up into those tree trunks…you know all in a days work! We posted another favorite from this look on our Instagram. Magazine style senior pictures fashion-inspired-senior-pictures-of-girl-in-maroon-dress-and-hat


Super cute high school girl in vintage cherry dress
Oh my goodness, LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah and her vintage cherry dress style! For this series we were going for High School Senior meets 1950’s Marilyn Monroe pin-up.  And should we stop and give a shout out to the rockingly awesome shoes?… YES, I think we shall. The bow, the heel… fabulous.

Want to see more? We have tons of new senior sneak peaks for you on Instagram and Facebook

  • Beatriz Restrepo Gomez

    It was so fun for Sarah going there and having her senior pictures taking by Brooke and her assistant. They made Sarah feel la a top model. All the pictures are just great. I highly recommen Studio B Portraits . They are simply the best!

Cutest family ever Cutest family ever Cutest family ever  Cutest family ever
The Turski’s are seriously the cutest family ever!  And if I told you that each and every one of them is over 6 feet tall you might find it hard to believe that I would use the word “cute” to describe them… but it’s really true.  Their dynamic is just adorable.  Shockingly, it had been well over a decade since their last family picture but not surprisingly, none of them missed a beat in bringing their photogenic “A” game.

Oh… and here’s one more that we posted to our Instagram page.