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Studio B Portraits Senior Pictures with girl in lace romper photographed at best senior pictures location in Issaquah near Bellevue WA

Studio B Portraits Senior Pictures with girl in lace romper and floppy hat at best senior pictures location in Issaquah near Bellevue WA

Studio B Portraits Senior Pictures with girl in lace romper and floppy hat at best senior pictures location in Issaquah near Bellevue WA

Studio B Portraits Senior Pictures with girl in lace romper sitting in the grass Studio B Portraits Senior Pictures with girl in lace romper and floppy hat at best senior pictures location in Issaquah near Bellevue WA
What is the best senior pictures location? For me it’s the one where you do not have to change in your car… or a public restroom (heehee) Seriously…I’ve photographed 1000’s of senior portraits and nothing puts a damper on an awesome senior pictures experience like awkwardly switching outfits in the cramped backseat of a vehicle or a park restroom with a seemingly endless parade of strangers.   That being said… my bar is a little higher for what makes the best senior pictures location but the aforementioned certainly contributes to my sliding scale of awesomeness.  I adore this little gem of a spot because it photographs like Rattlesnake Lake without the commute — we are literally just walking distance from our studio front door complete with a private wardrobe room, heat or air conditioning (depending on the season) yet still right there with the woods and a plethora of things to pose and play with — fallen logs, rustic fence lines, lazy river and willowy tall grass for our shooting pleasure!

And speaking of photography joy — can I just share all of our love for Redmond High School Senior Rachael here?  The hat, the romper, the wildly wonderful everything about her?  Fun side note, after we finished this Free People inspired look, we popped back into the studio, switched into her glam dress and photographed a chic floral inspiration.  That new location was just a block the opposite direction from the studio with a completely different city look –  no driving, no traffic, no trying to figure out where to park — just a fun shoot and a great senior pictures shoot.  Neat huh?

If you just can’t get enough of Rachael, you’ll just have to see this cute behind the scenes video clip on Instagram and our sneak peek on Facebook.


Modern family portrait in the studio with puppy boston terrier dog Modern Family Portraits with your Puppy Boston Terrier Dog Boston terrier dog wearing blue flower bow around neck and laying with toddler girl
Super rainy day instead of sunshine and on tap is modern family portraits in the studio with your puppy Boston Terrier, baby girl and energetic boy? YES, please! — Wait (looking around) — am I the only one with my hand up? Heehee. No seriously… I have learned over the years that THIS is the precise reason  why we have an awesome studio. No sunshine, no problem.  We headed inside for lots of snuggles, a little Spiderman Super Hero action and a ton of fun.  On a side note, this was a really exciting family portrait session for me to photograph because the last time I had this lovely family in front of my camera… they were a family of three!  Here is a quick link to our blog post and images from that shoot. So wonderful getting to meet their new addition.


Headshot Advice from Apptio Human Resources Senior Vice President Britt ProvostInterview with Britt Provost Senior Vice President of Human Resources | Apptio

Headshot advice and insight from an actual Human Resources head-honcho? Um, YES please.  The closest I usually come is reading everything I can get on the subject.  To that end, would you be surprised to hear that a recent study reported that 90% of human resources people say they check out social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting a candidate in for an interview?  I’m going to guess that you are not actually shocked because even for those of us that are not in human resources — we’re doing our own due diligence and research for everything from sales presentations to professional networking.  It’s just “Good Business 101.”

If you have ever read my blog — you know that I find this topic fascinating so when I had a chance to photograph an executive headshot session with Britt Provost, Apptio Senior Vice President of Human Resources, she and I started really discussing her professional perspective.  (Then it hits me as we are changing the lighting and the set — this woman is absolutely brilliant – and sadly… NOT on video or with a microphone.) If you could just picture the mad scramble as we mic’d her up and started rolling… it was a little crazy-town but we did manage to get her professional opinion on the topic of headshots, executive presence  and the 3 types of pictures that should NEVER be on your LinkedIn profile.

For those that don’t have three minutes to watch the video…this was one of my favorite questions & answers.

Any headshot advice for business professionals for what to avoid on your LinkedIn profile?

“If you are serious about the work you do and your profession, you should have a photo, bottom line. No party pictures, No wedding pictures, No drinking pictures. A really nice, simple professional photograph that represents who you are is best. “

Britt talked about her own professional journey and coming to the realization that

“It’s not about being perfect… it’s about being current”

She pointed out that a picture from 1980 is not credible and it does not send the right message.  After our photo shoot, of course my mind was racing and I was sure that some awesome person had likely written something in depth on this topic.  I found this great article from Entreprenur Magazine that shared 7 Tips to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Picture Is Helping, Not Hurting, Your Prospects – and I hope you find it helpful.

Here’s a quick link to more headshot advice, tips, tricks and articles that I have written.  For samples and inspiration of professional headshots of people that are total “Do’s” feel free to check out our portfolio here 😉


Can you tell this man is wearing braces in his portrait Can you tell this man is wearing braces in his portrait_0334
Can you tell this man is wearing braces in these headshots? Wait before you wonder where I’m going with this — indulge me here because sometimes I’m teaching and sometimes I’m just talking — and today… it’s the latter. This post is just about having a little bit of fun. 😀 Swear to you that even with my huge paparazzi camera lens on him I couldn’t tell either. Since I was the girl that wore the standard issue silver braces as a teenager (and frankly, kind of need them again as a grown-up) I was floored to see that they are literally invisible on Ryan here. Yes I’ve heard of Invisalign and for any of you that are eye-rolling with how late I am to the party — fair enough (heehee) but it took seeing with my own eyes to really be a believer. (I even posted one of him NOT smiling to show that even with his mouth closed there was no wonky-ness …and yes, I just likely made up that word too) Shout out to Orthodontist Dr. Egger for introducing us to Ryan…he’s so cute and an excellent way to begin a post holiday week!