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Listening to this sweet couple Dana and Michael tell us about their very first date 20 years ago during their photo shoot was like watching a scene out of the opening credits of When Harry Met Sally. Seriously if Harry Connick Jr. had arrived at the studio and broken into the song “It Had to be You” — this photographic moment could not have been any more perfect. And then it was…because I asked them to dance — and Michael said with a smile at Dana “We love to dance” — he offered his hand and she accepted…he gave her a twirl…and it was so very wonderful in every way.

Sweet older couple dancing at Studio B Portraits

“What is the secret to your success as a couple?”  I ask.

Dana responds “He always makes me laugh” — And he did. Again and again for the entire session (and the last twenty years)  I’m smiling just thinking about it myself right now. 🙂  What a gift.

Sweetest couple ever in love after 20 years together laughing and playing in the studio


Using color and patterns to make your headshot photo memorable

Using color and patterns to make your headshot photograph memorable

Portfolio Headshots for business profiles on Linked-In, online dating, marketing, websites, and advertising needs are the reason people come to Studio B for their photography but never in the last 10 years has anybody ever asked that we make them “forgettable.” Taller with more hair…yes! Younger? Yep. Thinner? Sure,   But never “forgettable.”

In a busy, over stimulated world… at our core, feeling special is still — pretty fricken awesome. Black may be basic, but the “wow factor” of bold color and clever pattern is memorable.  And let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all rather hear “Whoa, you look amazing!” far more than “My aren’t you a vision of just-alright today?” 🙂  So I’m being a little silly but I believe you understand where I’m going here.

I wanted to do this quick post to point out that making your headshot memorable is as easy as incorporating pops of unexpected hues and mixing in design that add visual interests and leave a lasting impression.

Fun fact #1: In a Career Builder survey of nearly 3000 hiring managers they interviewed associated the colors Green, Yellow, Orange & Purple with creativity.  Blue was associated with being a team player and red with power.  

Using color and patterns to make your headshot photograph memorable does not have to be intimidating.  Our client Lisa (above) is just a vision of vibrant shades and geometric design done right.  She credits her stylist Angie Cox at You Look Fab for these pulled together looks that we shot for her recent Portfolio Session but you don’t need to be a styling pro to do color right. You just need confidence to go for it and try!

Simple Ideas to Get you Started with wearing color and pattern on Camera:

  • Learn the Rules and When to Break Them.  A Guide to Coordinating the Colors of Your Clothes (+ photo examples) and 4 Life-Changing Tip for Mixing Prints will get you started.
  •  If you’re still feeling unsure, start small by utilizing accessories. For the men — choose a button down that isn’t plain and is not white (radical I know) and if you are getting dressy — pair it with a sophisticated tie.  Nordstrom has this gorgeous Burberry Pink that we love but you can also stay in the neutrals and just jump out of your comfort zone with pattern alone.
  • For women, try a scarf or piece of jewelry with pops of colors until you are ready to go full rainbow head to toe (just kidding…unless you are going to do it 😉 – and then you should head over to Kate Spade for inspiration.

Best senior pictures of girl with with vintage style and old Hollywood glamour in red Mod Cloth dress Best senior pictures of girl with vintage style and old Hollywood glamour in red Mod Cloth dressFor those of us that love vintage style senior pictures, old Hollywood glamour and a bold red lip — this is for you. Tahoma High School senior Jordan came in for her senior portraits session and I swear I felt myself get a little bit giddy.  From her ruby red heel to her Mod Cloth lace dress I was fully ready to channel my inner Annie Liebovitz (my celebrity photographer idol that photographs all of the Vanity Fair Magazine covers) We captured these timeless portraits in the studio but we also had a pretty amazing Seattle sunny day to work with as well.  I’m in love with this sneak peek that we shared on Instagram and here’s a behind the scenes of the entire senior photo shoot below.

Shout out to our style partner Sorella Salon for Jordan’s amazing camera ready hair styling and make-up application.  Absolutely gorgeous ladies.





Graduation photo in cap and gown at Studio B Portraits_giveawayNEW GIVEAWAY!

It’s been too long since we did a fun giveaway…so here we go. It’s easy to enter, just leave a post on this blog helping us with a gift suggestion for the following inquiry… oh and shout out to our handsome grad-to-be Connor for rocking his cap & gown for us here btw! 🙂

We create a lot of high school graduation announcements here at Studio B and many of the cards include parties and open houses.  One of our clients was recently invited to a Graduation Open House and she wants to bring a thoughtful gift.  I must admit I was a little stumped and thought it might be fun to throw it out to you!  Please leave a post here on our blog and we’ll randomly pick one winner to receive a special:

Studio B Gift Box $425 Value– includes

The Question:  Other than money, what is a great gift for a graduating high school senior?

How to Win:

  1.  Write post here on our blog with your graduation gift idea
  2.  Follow us on Instagram , Facebook  or Twitter and comment on one of the photos that we have posted (its fun and it will make that person feel great!)


  • Naomi

    Concert tickets!

  • Lisa

    For a girl: college/university colors monogrammed towels
    For a boy: Gift card to their college/university bookstore for “necessities” when then get there!

  • Lalena Simmons

    The best gift to give a grad for graduating would be:
    1.CASH… you can never go wrong with cash
    2. A new or used car but don’t break the budget
    3. Gift cards they need gas they need food and you know all young adults love to eat fast food and entertainment movies are at the top of their list
    4. Luggage and noise cancelling headphones are never good ideas
    5. I was also told underwear and socks are practical gifts to give maybe not happily give but they are good gifts to give:)

  • Lalena Simmons

    Another awsome gift that will make ur Grad happy
    ****A Trip****to some awsome place
    I would suggest Disneyland:)

  • Micaela

    Glassybaby! And gift cards to grocery stores and cheap restaurants in the area of the college.

  • Courtney Kasel

    I think the best gift would be a photo collage of all of my favorite elementary/ middle/ high school memories!

  • teresa

    The best gift ever would be a Studio B photoshoot day!

  • Debbie Summers

    The best gift is a trip!! Hawaii would be great. Next best would be gift cards!❤️

  • Erica

    I got multiple Glassybabys in my school colors and those are some of my favorite gifts that I got for graduation! Also for girls, Tiffany is always an answer! Gift cards to school bookstores are great, and also pretty much any kind of gift card is a great option! Dorm necessities can come from just about anywhere-

  • Anil Singh-Molares

    The best gift is a trip, encompassing air travel, and then train travel on the other end. Europe a great destination, so they can go from city to city, country to country, sleep on the trains, meet a wide variety of people, run into different cultures and languages, and in short, start experiencing the world!

  • Rhonda

    A memory box from personalizationmall.com
    They have several different kinds you can personalize. Then maybe a necklace in one for a female and cuff links to go in one for a boy.

    I also love to give beautiful tea cups and add a note about their cup always being full of love, friendship, family, may their “cup” always run over.

    Barnes and nobles use to carry a book that had the cd “I hope you dance in it”…and then you can write personal messages on the pages.

    A photo album of favorite pictures throughout the years.

    Stationary, stamps and an address book…or an address book and calendar and then a card file with different cards for holidays and birthdays so they never forget to send a card on special days.

    A basket of things for the first week of college…the first day could be a wrapped picture frame of their family, so they are always with them. Day 2: treat yourself to something sweet and have a gift card to a local ice cream place. Day 3: some spirit wear such as a t-shirt with the school logo..to help fit in. Day 4: a target card for something you might have forgotten to pack, like tooth paste. Day 5: a Starbucks card…take your roommate to coffee to get to know each other. Day 6: a DVd, popcorn for a movie night. Day 7: sparkling cider to celebrate their first week on their own!!!

  • Marissa

    Realistic idea: A laptop. Can’t go wrong with a sleek, upgraded device to expedite work in every class.
    Slightly more far-fetched idea: A pet cat as a college companion. They’re pretty low maintenance, and they’d be great at facilitating de-stressing. (I speak from personal experience.)
    Another realistic idea: An academic grant. Nothing will make a high school grad happier than seeing a little student loan less debt in their future.
    Completely far-fetched idea: Fund a gap year. Let the student pick a country in which to live for 9-12 months between their senior year of high school and their freshman year of college, with the condition that they must perform regular community service, be it working at a wildlife rescue center or building a school, while they are abroad. 🙂

  • Nancy Thomas

    Both of my kids loved a tool kit that they received at high school graduation! The kit came along with a check, but they both say that they’ve used the tool kit many times during their college years. Practical, affordable and unique!

  • Nisha

    A Polaroid camera and paper for it, plus a display. In this day and age, people don’t print out a lot of pictures anymore, so this offers a quick, hassle free way to print pictures and giving a display with it (the one I’m buying for my dorm has push pins that hold strings, and the photos are hung on mini clothespins) makes it dorm decor within a gift.

  • Joanne

    The best gift a graduating senior could receive would be a number of things:
    1) Plane tickets to their destination of choice for a senior trip (such as Poland :))
    2) A huge collection of gift cards/certificate: Gift certificates/cards to University bookstores or Amazon so that they could pick up some textbooks or spirit gear for their classes and school as well as gift certificates/cards to food places around their new campus, and to some of their favorite clothing stores
    3) A new laptop and an assortment of materials they would need like a new bag, planner, and flash drive to make a college care package
    4) SparkGift where people can buy stocks for you, and you have an account. Eventually, this could be the best present.

Senior Pictures of pretty brunette in pink dress on floral backdrop at Studio B near Seattle_0319.jpg

Taylor is just a vision of Spring beauty isn’t she? We just love This Tahoma Senior’s pretty fuschia frock and right on-trend open toe wedge that she chose for her Senior Pictures photo shoot. And… special shout out to that mane of hair — holy hot rollers Batman… it’s fabulous. Shout out to Sorella Salon for styling her camera ready hair + make-up.

For more of our recent senior pictures shoot you can click here or check out our senior portfolio here