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    Great senior pictures of girl in black dress against vintage purple backdrop_0039.jpg
    Great senior pictures of girl in black dress against vintage purple backdrop_0040.jpg

    I loved this senior photo shoot with Newcastle Senior Maddie and she did something that I think is SO clever and I just had to share.  For this little black dress look that we were photographing in the studio, we had Maddie put her change of shoes and cardigan sweater set off to the side (just outside of the camera view.)  By having these tiny little changes, we were able to create even more variety out of just one outfit.  And BONUS… posing becomes more fun too because there are tons of new vamping options (snuggling into the sweater, dropping it off her shoulders, taking it off completely and showing the detail on the back of her dress etc)  Cool right?  We added a “behind the scenes” shot to our Instagram… so you can see how the magic happens and also a ton of new 2016 Senior Pictures featuring our NEW Model Team on Facebook 😉

    Big thank you to our styling partner Sorella Salon for Maddie’s gorgeous camera ready look.

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    Great professional headshots of woman in blue velvet jacket with denim

    Some people make getting dressed for a photo shoot look so easy don’t they? Yeah… I’m talking about Kate Hudson look-a-like Marja above.  (heehee)  This blue velvet jacket, denim and sweet bow-tie booty shoe combo is spot-on! Believe me, making it look effortless requires a lot of effort!  I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating…if you want to take the stress out of getting ready for your Portfolio or Headshot Session, the very best thing you can do is plan & prepare.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • Think about where you are going to use the final images (Professional Networking? Social Media? Online Dating) and let that be your guide for each and every outfit.
    • Dress head to toe… even if nobody sees your feet in a particular shot… pulling your entire look together gives you that extra touch of camera-ready confidence
    • Bring alternatives… heck, bring a suitcase of options and include accessories that make a statement about you
    • Do your homework and look through pictures and poses that you think are amazing… it helps you feel prepared to communicate your vision (remember this is a collaborative process!)… Since it’s May and everything is blooming… ladies, I found this fun article on 15 Spring Trends… a little inspiration for you:-)

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    African American High School Senior in Tribal Dress Turquoise and Black Print
    African American High School Senior in Tribal Dress Turquoise and Black Print_0606.jpg

    African American High School Senior in Tribal Dress Turquoise and Black Print_0607.jpg

    Tahoma High School’s Rachel is a WOW from head to toe!  We’re loving her turquoise and black tribal print dress and pairing the sandal with a touch of sparkle is the perfect finishing touch.  (Did you check out the little peek-a-boo cutouts at the waist line? 😀 )  If you are feeling totally inspired right now and want to see more on-trend styles for the gals and guys, here’s a couple of quick links to our Pinterest Syle Boards that we are constantly updating…and I do mean constantly 😉 (haha)

    GALS: GIRLS: Style Ideas

    FELLAS:  GUYS: Style Ideas


    Decorating Tip for Planning Wall Designs_Studio B Portraits

    Enjoying your photographic art is a big theme here at Studio B Portraits– we want you to have fun making it and then displaying it in your home.  If I’m honest… both of those topics could be a rabbit hole of good fun on any given day but today — I just wanted to share a fabulous post from Hunt Studio Design: Art and How to Hang It.  Their motto “that good design doesn’t just happen by accident” made me smile and the clever lay-out tips and visuals are really spot on. (I have always loved the idea of putting paper cut-outs on the wall where you want to hang your art. It’s such a great way to see the design before you commit. When I do it at my house — I typically use old Christmas wrap from Costco — I’ve got tons of it… and hanging it on the wall for a day or so confuses the crap out of my kids in the most awesome way)

    If you like this type of article, here’s a quick link to some of our favorite “Show Us Your Wall”  shares and recent client installations.



    Full disclosure…I am mildly obsessed with everything business and branding — cue the shock & awe if you’ve been reading my recent post related to taking your personal brand to the professional level. (I’m pretty sure you already were well aware.)  Anyway…I read this great article about the 15 Secrets of Really Persuasive People in Entrepreneur Magazine that said “Research shows that most people decide whether or not they like you within the first seven seconds. They then spend the rest of the conversation internally justifying their initial reaction.”  Right now is a great time to ask yourself if your digital handshake – aka. your Linked In profile picture, editorial and industry trade photography, website bio picture and all of your professional branding images are delivering your strongest first impression?  What are your prospective clients, readers, & network deciding about you solely based on your online presentation?

    When we photograph Professional Portfolio Sessions (like Dawn Beauparlant above)… that is the question that we are answering with the images that we create. Dawn is crushing it in the technology space — YES women in tech (don’t believe everything you see on HBO’s Silicon Valley!)  and communicating her personal brand as a leader would not be telling the whole story unless we also focus on showcasing her confidence, creativity and modern style across all of her varied media channels.  (If you are thinking…her what?… that’s a fancy way of reminding you that when people Google search you… your picture comes up on all of the different websites that exist and you will want to tailor your image to each of those places)  Quick rule of thumb —

    Linked-In is your networking calling card … a little more formal or dressy is never a wrong choice here

    – Company website & blogs – consider using the firms brand colors for a sharp presentation that will make marketing & collateral pop

    –  Twitter… this is a conversation space so go ahead and lighten the mood and loosen up the overall look

    – Facebook & Google +…if you are using it with a mix of business and personal contacts… you’re okay to get more casual but keep it professional (you are still representing your brand)

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