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    The Studio B Portraits’ elves have been hard at work and they have asked me to do a quick post;-)If you have been meaning to call, planning to order and thinking that portraits, cards and custom photography from your session would be the perfect holiday gift for someone (even if that someone is you) — NOW is your time to get your sleigh in gear.  Our guaranteed Christmas order deadline is Wednesday, December 10th at noon.  To  place your order or purchase gift cards, Contact Us Here or phone 425-996-8711


    Family portraits with young boys in jeans and brick wall _Studio B Portraits_0065.jpg
    Family portraits of young family in front of brick wall _Studio B Portraits

    “Dignity is SO overrated.” It’s literally the first phrase that comes to my mind every time I realize what me and the parents of small children will do to make these high energy sessions successful.  Braiden is rocking some serious ka-ra-te while Dean is showing me his tongue… yep — all in a days work I tell you.  My best advice?…Embrace the madness like Cassandra and Jared — YES, there are going to be a lot of outtakes on your blooper reel but the true joy is making the memory together. Also…honey is better than vinegar — As you might imagine… crying is not normally considered to be photogenic…just in case any of you were wondering;-)  The one exception to that rule is of course?…A sobbing kid on Santa’s lap — ALWAYS hysterical years later! Oh c’mon…you know I’m right!

    Oh and big thank you to Sorella Salon for Mom’s gorgeous camera ready hair + make-up…SO glam!


    Formal family portraits with twins_Studio B Portraits_0062.jpg
    Formal family portraits with twins in red and black_Studio B Portraits_0064.jpg

    Formal childrens portraits of baby eating a football_Studio B Portraits_0063.jpg

    Every Mom that has ever tried to coordinate a family picture knows it’s a little bit like herding mad cats.  And we’ll do ANYTHING to pull it off…it’s like candy, chocolate, and toys are our dirty little secret;-)  But when you make it happen…it feels SO good and looks even better!  We had double the fun with one and half year old Belle and Mac (even their names are adorable right?)  Mom Julie styled the twins in THE most delicious outfits…leopard coat, pearls, bow tie OH MY!….but it was my football (above) that Mac found most appetizing…this shot is definitely making my “2014 Studio B Favorites” (Dad had NO idea that his son was feeling a little snacky right in the middle of our photo shoot (heehee)  Family portrait sessions are always a little raucous but I LOVE the energy and never to worry…there is always the “money” shot…you know “The one that makes you look like the family that came in the frame” to fool everyone into thinking it was “easy for you” – but NO worries…every other Mom who has done family pictures knows the truth about how much effort/sweat/tricks/bait & switch went into making it all look simple!

    • Julie neff

      You are the best photog ever! Thank you for writing such a great post. We love all the photos even the crazy football one – and your whole team is awesome. From the minute we entered the studio you made us
      All happy and comfortable. My husband who hates taking photos loved the experience. Thank you for the best Christmas gift ever- all capturing the great shots. Oxox The Neff Family

    We first met Katy back in September and this Bellevue High School Senior was just such a natural (all 6 feet 2 inches of her!)  We had amazing light for the outdoor looks but it’s her studio “Super Model” turn with the fans that are just over the top fabulous:-)  Oh and if you are loving these Senior Shows + Behind the Scenes Videos… here’s a quick link to some of our other favorites



    Christmas Family Pictures in red and blue_Studio B Portraits_0060.jpg
    Christmas Family Pictures in red and blue_Studio B Portraits_0059.jpg

    Meet the newly expanded Tamola Family.  I am going to start by saying that I’m totally not taking it personally that Baby Michael slept the ENTIRE…and I do mean entire photo shoot (let’s be honest…at just 4 weeks, he is very busy growing).  His big sister more than made up for it though — boundless energy and such a joy! We did slow down for one quiet moment and she got to hold her brother…all by herself for the very first time…awwwweee! Oh and on a fashion note, I’m completely crazy for Mom Josephine’s style choices of red and navy….the argyle pattern on Dad’s sweater vest and Baby’s navy pin stripes were the perfect compliment to all of the girls red textures.  If you are wanting more Family Picture inspiration, here’s a quick link to our family gallery or just keep working your way through the blog here:D