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    Beautiful senior pictures of Indian high school girl in flowers and sunshine

    “What is the best time of day to schedule senior pictures?”  We get that popular question often and usually our clients are asking about the best lighting conditions but in point of fact – we shoot through the entire day from 9 to early evening with beautiful results.  The real trick is “finding OR making” pretty light no matter what time of day it is.  The idea that it’s “golden hour” (that fleeting time where the sun is dropping in the sky before sunset) or you are not getting a great shot… just doesn’t have to be anyone’s reality.  For example, that angelic glow can be found (or made) any time of day with the right tools.  When you look above at 2016 Senior Mondi from Woodinville — it isn’t lucky or a great time of day that gave her the halo of heavenly light through her shining locks?… Nope, that’s our intern behind, her and to the right of the camera… creating that effect with lighting equipment. (We can’t take credit for her gorgeous make-up, hair and perfect everything else however… that was Sorella Salon and wonderful genes from her parents 😉 )  On a related note, if your wondering about the best time of day to photograph, leave weather behind for a second and ask yourself — what time of day do you feel your best?  Are you a morning person? Or  do you get pumping mid afternoon?  Consider this as you are scheduling time for your close-up

    The other REALLY common question we get about senior photo shoots is “What happens if it rains” or it’s overcast (welcome to Seattle, right?) — Honestly, that’s no problem either, check out this really cool behind the scenes article of how we handle that!


    Fashion Inspired Senior Pictures_International School Bellevue_0135.jpg

    Class of 2016 Senior Brynne has such a sophisticated sense of style and a real talent for pulling together her signature look.  This International School Bellevue girl walked in and I was literally excited before we even starting clicking the camera.  We all were just in love with amazing hair… thick, above the shoulder, side swept bob?  YEP!  So chic. But it was her clever choice of both dress-y and casual clothing choices that has us thinking that there is a fashion editor job her future 😉  For this studio look, we adore how she paired her geometric black and white dress with not one, but two cardigan sweater options…the camel colored pairing is such a fresh take on wearing neutrals — love an unexpected twist.

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    For many of our business clients, putting their best face forward includes personal branding with a variety of professional images tailored to specific social media, marketing, and distribution channels.  If you are thinking — um what? … that’s just fancy talk for “change it up and be thoughtful about when, where and why you do it.”  If you are anything like me (highly visual) I know you will appreciate a quick demonstration so… meet Mr. Lester.  I had the great pleasure of photographing this serial entrepreneur (and plying him with far too many of my own curiosities about his work, travels and experiences for which he was extremely gracious)  During his photo shoot we were focused on creating images that would communicate more than just the fact that “he’s the boss” — yes he’s a leader, but on any given day he’s also a trusted partner, collaborator and engaging speaker.  Clothing and expression are the single most important communicators of who you are photographically  so when you you need your personal brand to communicate “approachable”  (for example)… smiles, more casual clothing and relaxed body language are your ticket.  Speaking of casual business the options showcased here for men — no tie, open collars, subtle patterns. Perfection.

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    Senior pictures with a 50
    To know me is to know I love a theme! (LOVE IT) And when Maya shared her passion for all things from the Happy Days decade…I was totally on-board – and frankly seeing all of her beautiful frocks made me want to go shop at Mod Cloth but no… I stayed focused.  The Sammamish High School Senior did not miss a detail — her blue polka dot dress with a skinny red belt, patent leather blue purse,  white lace gloves and nude pump were  perfection but when she pulled the vintage Coca Cola bottle & straw out… I knew this 2016 Senior came to play 😉  We’ll be sharing more from her photo shoot (because seriously… this girl went all-in for every single look) so just consider this your teaser!  Oh and in the spirit of Throw Back Thursday — here’s my own Clark Family Photo from Halloween Past — rock’n the 50’s ourselves!

    As always… we have tons of senior eye-candy for you.  Here are some quick links below and if you just need to get on the schedule, CONTACT US for current availability.

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    Senior pictures of girl in red dress next to cool jeep _Studio B Portraits_0128.jpg
    2016 Senior Demi from Issaquah High School walked in looking like a total super model and it only seemed right to give her the full magazine-style senior photo shoot.  Glam red dress? Check.  Cool truck?  Yep.  Totally fab hair & make-up with fierce (faux) attitude – done & done.  This sweet girl could not have been more lovely to play pictures with and when she laughed and scrunched up her nose a little bit when she giggled in between shots… I knew before I even saw the finished images that she was pure magic on film from start to finish.  Big thank you to  her entourage (aka Mama & BFF) for joining in the fun… such a great day 😀  Want more? We added another cool studio look from her session to our Instagram here. If you are ready to book your own senior pictures, be sure to CONTACT US for remaining open session dates.