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Talk about Sweet 16!  Photographing Kayla was the total highlight of the day. We started the session with professional hair and make-up and then made our way to wardrobe for our first look of the shoot – bring on the Cherry Blossoms! Seattle being…well Seattle…it did begin to sprinkle but never fear — we pulled out one of our cute zebra umbrellas and Kayla worked her magic in front of the camera like a pro!

Oh…and because it’s me, I just can’t be content to share just one look so check out this super cutey sneak peek on our Instagram of our girl in the studio – hot pick, floral and oh so pretty!


This is our last week of our Open Model Casting Call for the 2017 Studio B Seniors Model Brand Ambassador Team. (Open to current High School Juniors)

You might have seen our NEW Class of 2017 Models popping up all over your Instagram, Facebook and You Tube feeds and thought to your yourself — what is this all about and how can I be part of it? Here’s what you need to ask yourself…

Are you a Class of 2017 guy or gal that is super social (in real life and online)? Do you love being in front of the camera? Are you positive, active and involved in school or other community activities?…WE WANT YOU! We are currently accepting applications for our Class of 2017 Model Brand Ambassador Team. If you are (or know) a High School Junior, Class of 2017 student that is interested is outgoing, photogenic and ready for their close-up…you should definitely keep reading.

Our high profile Studio B Models are brand ambassadors that represent our studio at their schools and in the community. Selected student models learn real world marketing skills, get behind the scenes access to how the industry works, meet new friends and are featured in our Spring & Summer Campaigns. Did you know that former Studio B brand ambassadors have gone on to exciting internships and careers with CBS, Rachel Zoe & Nordstrom? It’s true — and we’re pretty sure it ALL started with us 😉 (Of course we know that they were all fabulous go-getters but we were sharp enough to spot their awesome-ness first!)

This year we are kicking it up a notch — in addition to appearing in our Spring & Summer Campaigns and 425 Magazine features — selected 2017 Models will also receive a complimentary Seattle senior model promo video shoot for Studio B Portraits, an on-location magazine-style photo shoot and complimentary hair & make-up for their Senior Pictures Session.

For additional information and to apply online CONTACT US:



Best headshot in Bellevue_Chic Ink Owner Heather HildebrantChic Ink Owner Heather is literally one of my very favorite people to have in front of the camera…and actually to spend time in the most general sense 🙂  This day we were refreshing her headshot for her company’s 2016 marketing and branding (They design the most delicious hand made invitations and paper creations for weddings and special events and if you don’t know them yet…you should 😉 )

I have photographed her so many times…and you want to know why she is cracking herself up here on the right?  I told her that I was setting up the lighting…not doing real images yet (a very common thing for me to share with people when they are on set btw.)  She cut a look over to my assistant off set and said “I know her trick…she is actually taking real pictures, I’m on to her!” — Um…and she was right of course — because when she threw her head back and started laughing… this was one of my favorite shots!

Link to Headshots


Professional Headshots at Studio B Portraits

Today kicks off our week long celebration of of Professionals Week at Studio B Portraits — that one week of the year that our Business Head Shot Special becomes just a little more…um “special”  If you were looking for the reason to jump in and refresh your Linked In profile, social media and marketing brand — ding ding…this is it 🙂

Our all-inclusive Headshot Special portrait session gives you everything you need to refresh your look, and update your marketing and Linked-in profiles with your new contemporary head shot. Mention Studio B Portraits Promo Code PWS16 to receive $25 off your session. Need a little inspiration for your head shot session? Check out our our gallery of business professionals or if you are ready to schedule CONTACT US to reserve your session now.


Science reveals that Headshots on bright backgrounds like orange are eye catching_Photographer Brooke Clark

Here’s a fun fact (backed by science) — Humans can draw conclusions about people based on their photo in less than one-half of one tenth of a second…or in other words —  we can make a positive visual impression in 40 milliseconds. (Or the opposite…but I’m a “glass is half full” kind of gal so we’ll just go with that!)  I found the coolest article from Kevan Lee on the subject and it has a ton of really interesting research-based data and suggestions… including:

  • 7 Elements of the Best Profile Pictures
  • How to appear approachable, helpful, and attractive
  • What makes you seem likable, competent, and influential
  • To face the camera or not to face the camera
  • The importance of the background color …and SO much more, but I’m not going to lie…I was pretty fired up that my current profile picture (above) is the EXACT one they recommended for maximum impact (100% coincidence but I’m going to act like it was on purpose 😉 )

Jokes aside… my un-scientific experience says that preparation and confidence are likely going to take you the farthest in your pursuit of a strong profile headshot for social media but if you’ve got a minute — this was a great read!  Oh and if you are looking for headshot inspiration and samples you can check out our Studio B Headshot Gallery

QUICK LINK:  Professionals Week Special Promo