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      Casual and Cool Guy Senior Pictures | Boy Senior Portraits at Studio B

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      For guy senior pictures …I consistenly see that their true personality shines when they can just “be themselves” and many times that means getting to have one of their four outfit changes just be “you on your every day.” For Jason from Eastlake High School…that meant a baseball hat, denim and his favorite school sweatshirt. Relaxed, cool, & casual — perfect for showcasing who he is right now.


      New Year New “Professional Look” for You Best Photography Studio for Head shots

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      Ringing in the New Year…must be time to update your professional headshot — Let’s be honest… isn’t everyone getting Linked In?  If that’s what you were thinking…you are in really good company and I do like where you were headed :-)Michelle here is going to be our complete “DO” for helping you get ideas for your professional photo shoot. First…let’s start with her awesome choice of outfits.  For our Head Shot Special photo shoots — we encourage our clients to bring two outfits to allow for variety & options that really represent how you want to be received professionally. Michelle has a contemporary style and she fully embraces the look with geometric pattern and neutral tones that are so chic — classic cuts tailored to perfection with fun dots and a modern floral sweater give a little wink to her whimsical side.  Your takeaway here???…Make your own rules from a wardrobe perspective.  The things that make you unique are also the same attributes that make you memorable.  If you want to look at more style ideas, be sure check out our headshots here on the blog and also visit our website portfolio


      HIGH SCHOOL MODELS WANTED – Class of 2015 | Feature Story with Alexis


      It’s time for the second installment of our Senior Model Interview Series where we are talking to some of our very favorite high school models from last years team to get their behind the scenes POV on their experience as a Studio B Portraits top model. This feature we’re highlighting Alexis…I adore her and after you read her profile below you will totally understand why — she is PERSONALITY Plus! (nothing subtle about this gal — she’s funny, real and completely spontaneous:-))  And since we are currently casting for our NEW 2015 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors) be sure to request an application at Studio B Seniors if you are (or know) and awesome gal or guy that would make a great model for Studio B Portraits!

      1. NAME: Alexis
      2. SCHOOL: Issaquah High
      3. My style right now is… bohemian, for the most part. I obsess over free people and vintage fabrics (don’t get me started on velvet) but sometimes I get lazy, so then I resort to jeans and a hoodie.
      4. Favorite magazine… I don’t really read magazines, but when I do I like National Geographic because I’m a huge nerd.
      5. Favorite retailer:  Free People, but I can’t even afford their socks so I usually shop at Ally Fashion which is this awesome, affordable shop that’s based out of Australia.
      6. So “Right Now”…. do your homework and stay in school bc house wife is not an acceptable career choice idk
      7. So “Over it”… I’m 100% done with trying to follow a certain style. I think my taste in clothes changes on a daily basis– and that’s totally ok. People should just dress however they feel that day. I really respect people who just wear whatever they want without caring if it follows a ‘trend’ or not. If you think it’s cute, rock it. Who cares. Miley Cyrus wore a skinned teddy bear on national TV for crying out loud. The only exceptions are denim skirts and crocs. Never e v e r wear either of those and especially not together.
      8. My favorite color(s) is… sea foam green.
      9. My celebrity style icon is…I will forever be obsessed with Lana Del Rey. She is beauty incarnate and an absolute queen. I’ve worshiped her since 8th grade and, honestly, I’ve never seen an outfit or appearance by her that didn’t influence me in some way. Her entire entity is so fresh and unique compared to the blah-some trash of hollywood and her; inspired by the old gems like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn. Every ensemble is very ‘old hollywood’, classy, and flawless.
      10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was… Picking out my yearbook photo and seeing all the shots! Brooke put together an amazing slide show that made my mom cry and it made me feel so diva.
      11. Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit)  I loved the shots in my ivory dress and floral headband! I think floral headbands got irritatingly cliche pretty quickly but I love them nevertheless. I think the whole outfit gave off a bit of a “gypsy”-esque vibe and I liked that about it a lot.


      One Year Baby Portraits | Watching Wesley Grow

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      Awesome baby boy portrait ideas for first year_Studio B Portraits professional photographer near Bellevue_0198.jpg

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      On very rare occasion…I simply do not have the words.  It’s at those moments that I thank God that I am a photographer because I can just let the images speak for themselves.  One year ago today, our baby boy Wesley was born… 12 months of pure joy for our family.  We did his “I’m ONE” portrait session above here in the hat in under 6 minutes from top to bottom — He literally looked at me, tipped his hat and gave me the “You got this, right Mom?” look.  Shoot…if he could have winked and spoken the words, I know he would have:-)


      MODELS WANTED | Studio B Seniors: 2015 Model Team | Mercer Island HS Model Featuring Zoe

      Studio B Senior Models wanted for class of 2015

      Hey Class of 2015 aspiring models…we’re about to make it a really HAPPY NEW YEAR for you!  Why you might ask?  It’s our Open Casting Call.  We are currently accepting applications for our 2015 Studio B Seniors Modeling Team.  If you are (or know) a High School Junior, Class of 2015 student that is fun, positive, outgoing, photogenic and ready for their close-up…you should definitely keep reading… but first, we thought it might be fun to chat with Zoe, one of our favorite Senior Models from last year and get her insiders look at all things fashion, celebrity and of course highlights from her year as a Studio B Seniors model.

      NAME:  Zoe

      SCHOOL: Mercer Island High School

      My style right now is… bold and colorful.

      Favorite magazine: Teen Vogue

      So “Right Now”…. I’m really into skirts, preferably circle skirts and over-sized big dress sweaters that you can snuggle in.

      So “Over it”… I am so over my  black cowboy boots, I have had them forever and I am ready to change over to some nice plain sleek black rain boots, simple.

      My favorite color(s) is… Red, Blue, and Purple

      My celebrity style icon is: Ariana Grande for her adorable skirts, and Selena Gomez for her stunning but comfortable girl next door vibe.

      My favorite Studio B Model moment was… I am in front of the camera, playing, laughing, dancing, and my favorite, twirling! I love the photograph that came of that!

      Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit) that we shot of you during either session and tell us why it’s your favorite. I absolutely love them all but my favorite would have to be my “Princess Dress” I love playing dress up so as a crazy whim I brought it I was all planned to wear this one outfit that looked a lot like my other outfits and I felt that I had already a lot of shots of myself looking like that so I threw the dress on instead and came out barefoot. Best decision ever. I love the photos that came of that.

      READY FOR YOUR TURN IN THE SPOTLIGHT?  Our awesome Studio B Models like Zoe are the Face of Studio B Seniors. Selected student models help us with showcasing the latest styles for the upcoming Senior Season, promote Studio B Seniors at their schools and are featured in all of our print and online advertisements including partner promotions with Sorella Salon &  full page spreads in 425 Magazine.   Our promotional models for the 2015 Campaign will receive a complimentary modeling photo shoot and  have the opportunity to earn credit toward their Summer senior pictures. Click here for more and to apply online