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What happens if it rains on the day of my photo shoot? We shoot in the studioFAQ: What happens if it rains on the day of my photo shoot?

I woke up today and said to myself “It’s raining.” As if the mere fact of confirming it would actually have an impact on the status. Then for ironic emphasis… I did in fact go ahead and answer myself. – “Um, yes we live in Seattle”

It’s on these typical Northwest days that I am ever so grateful for our gorgeous studio space.  Let me explain… when I worked in Southern California it was really easy to get cocky and a little over confidant about the weather … sunny yesterday, sunny today and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be sunny next week! (heehee) When I moved back up here over 10 years ago, it became obvious rather quickly that mother nature and predicting her patterns was going to be way more tricky.  With a “show must go on” mentality” we are now able to push through with anything she throws at us.  In short — we know that you are getting super cute for your photo shoot and rain or shine we are going to make you look like you on your best day.  (Big thank you to Lindsy here for making that fact crystal clear. Loving her gorgeous black on black contemporary portrait.  Shout out to our in-house make-up artist Erin for her flawless camera ready face too!)  Our studio sets are REALLY extensive — I shop for backdrops like a lot of women shop for shoes. If you are in a mood to take it all in — feel free to surf through our portfolio for inspiration.


Cute sisters with pajamas and pillows

Feathers flying during faily portrait pillow fight Family portrait of sister after pillow fightPillow Fight! It’s all fun and games until someone gets bopped upside the head with a pound of feathers…am I right?  Heehee.  Actually, it was all still a wildly great time even after the girls started swinging but my guess is that sisters Avery and Megan will be finding feathers in their hair for the next 3 days.

The photo shoot started out innocently enough, Mom Jen brought the girls for their senior pictures sessions and mentioned that she would love to do a family portrait of them in their pajamas since that’s how she sees these BFF’s on most days at home.  Well, one thing leads to another (as often happens when awesome people begin brainstorming) – pillows get added, a suggestion to maybe cut them open is thrown into the mix and…zip, zap everyone and everything is covered head to toe in goose-down goodness.

My absolute favorite shot is this one of the girls at the end…looks like the most awesome Christmas portrait ever — can’t you just see hanging this on display every holiday season over the fireplace or next to the tree?  (Might need to do one of these pillow fight shenanigans with my own kiddos!)

This is probably a great time to make mention of booking your Fall and Holiday Family pictures.  For inspiration, take a look at our Family Portfolio or to schedule just Contact Us.

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Consider pairing your wardrobe options in a coordinating color pallets of 3-4 hues and/or pattern. Consider pairing your wardrobe options in a coordinating color pallets of 3-4 hues and/or pattern.
There are all kinds of themes and we just love Keely’s pink, black and white combination that she so beautifully coordinated with perfect floral accents.  The thing that is so brilliant about creating a theme for your senior pictures is that the design possibilities are just endless… wall design, collage layouts, portfolio books and graduation announcements all look wonderfully cohesive.

Tip: Consider pairing your wardrobe options in a coordinating color pallets of 3-4 hues and/or pattern. When you get to the studio, we’ll do the same when we select your backdrops and locations to take your vision to the next level of gorgeous.


Senior girl in blue party dress
Senior pictures in a little blue party dress? YES, please! Pretty Lucy brought this sweet frock for her photo shoot as one of her four looks. This lace number with a strappy nude heal was such a great juxtaposition to her sporty golf look seen here on our Instagram sneak peek.

Quick Tip: When you are looking for senior picture ideas, inspiration is usually as easy as thinking about your how you like to spend time, hobbies and the things that bring you joy.