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    Brunch with Spring flower theme_Monica Hart2 photographed by Studio B Portraits for 425 Magazine
    Brunch with Spring flower theme_Monica Hart photographed by Studio B Portraits for 425 Magazine_0228.jpg
    425 Magazine and Monica Hart teamed up for their latest styling and entertaining feature — AND guess who was lucky enough to photograph it?  Yep, THIS girl! (two thumbs pointing right back at myself) Once again this very talented lady laid out the most unbelievable Spring inspired floral and feasting arrangement that frankly had me wondering if I wanted to “DO” a party…or just be invited to one of hers. (sigh… to know me is to know that there really was never any question – heehee…where is that take-out menu again? 😀 )  But for you impressive do-it-yourselfers here’s a quick link to the online recipes.

    • Thank you Brooke for sharing your talents! You are amazing! Love working with you!



    March 13-19th is our annual celebration of Professionals Week at Studio B Portraits — that one week of the year that our Business Head Shot Special becomes just a little more fabulous but before I jump into the details I wanted to take a minute to thank Julie Scozzafave from Windermere Real Estate (above) for being our striking cover for 2015!  I might have crossed into “dress-stalker” status when she showed me this black & white geometric frock with the little pop of neon color… had me at “hello” I tell you 😀

    But…back to the details for you — Our all-inclusive Headshot Special portrait session gives you everything you need to refresh your look, and update your marketing and Linked-in profiles with your new contemporary head shot. Mention Studio B Portraits Promo Code PW15 to receive $25 off your session. Need a little inspiration for your head shot session? Check out our our gallery of business professionals at or if you are ready to schedule CONTACT US to schedule now.


    Best professional headshot poses featuring woman in black and white stripe dress at Studio B Portraits_0224.jpg

    Today we’re talking about Professional Headshots and specifically — making it memorable…in the good way (…If I was feeling a bit snarky this might be the time that I reference all of the fun “fails” that have made for memorable head shots in a “not-so-great” way but NO, I’m going to stay on topic and just let you Google that thrill-ride of a web search for yourselves 😀 .) Before we get to “How”…Let’s briefly chat about “Why” you need to make a lasting impression.  Simply put…your ability to have someone know and remember you is directly tied to any number of great networking dividends including referrals, future business and valuable partnerships.  Since a Linked-In profile and strong business website are your digital calling cards for creating a unique personal brand…here are three great tips for making you stand out from the crowd.

    One of my favorite clients, Patty (above) from Two Degrees is a great example here of the ideas that I’m  going to discuss below — she is a business pro that never misses — her energy and  professional look is always so fresh, modern and of course… memorable!

    3 Tips for Making Your Headshot Outstanding

    1.   Incorporate Color & Pattern into your headshot session:   Yes…black is safe but without a little zing…it’s decidedly more “everyone”…than “I am THE ONE”  This is your opportunity to hold a person’s undivided attention — pops of color or interesting design can be just the right contemporary combination.

    2.  Try unique Poses:  Yes…I know the word is headshot but think a little bit outside the box of a great head and shoulders pose and you might find that your overall look becomes a bit more special.  A skilled photographer with creative ideas and flattering lighting will also make posing variations a go-to option for differentiating yourself.

    3. Get Expressive:  This is a secret weapon for truly becoming memorable because the trick is…there is NO trick — it just takes the confidence to be different. By just “being you” and letting your personality shine photographically — you are already going to be unique.  What do I mean by confidence to be different?..Letting emotion be the focal point of your headshot —  maybe it’s a BIG laugh, or your eyes are closed thoughtfully, or you are not looking directly into the camera.  The thing that is so nice about digital is — you can have a few different options and try them out in multiple locations or times and see what creates the biggest response.  (Remember…it’s social media…you’ll find out quickly which ones are the biggest winners!)

    Hope this has been helpful for you!  Oh and I wanted to let you know that our Professionals Week Special Pricing is March 9-13 this year — space is limited.  Click here for details

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    Family portraits on Hawaii Vacation to Hilton Waikoloa Village_0066.jpg
    Family portraits on Hawaii Vacation to Hilton Waikoloa Village_0069.jpg
    Aloha!  For those of you that enjoy a “Where’s Waldo kind of picture-find-game…I invite you to look at the man fully photo bombing my kids as I attempted to capture them frolicking in the pool.  His arms up in full regalia — yes…yes, he knew — Comedy gold!  And I do know what you tech savvy folks might be thinking — I totally could have retouched him out after the fact…but NO — he is completely making the vacation book highlight reel! We just got back from our Clark Family Getaway and I thought it would be fun to share a little collage of pictures from our trip to Hawaii. This was our first time going to the Big Island together and now that we’ve done it…of course I’m wondering why we didn’t do it sooner — just gorgeous.  For a photographer…the joy is that it’s beautiful in every direction and can I just mention that 83 degrees in February does not suck one bit. 😀  I do have one regret… somehow I ended up on stage during the Luau dancing with Mr. Shirtless (above) and my husband took it upon himself to commemorate it on his iPhone video.  I’m going on record right now to say that if there is a sweet  God of Magnetism …maybe it got deleted during TSA screening at the airport and it won’t ever see the light of day!

    • Heather

      Looks like it was such a great time! Of course I’m going to need to see that iPhone picture just make sure. Hee hee!

    2016 Studio B Seniors Model Team_Davis

    NEW Model Interview!!! Meet Mikaelyn… tell me that looking at that smile doesn’t have you smiling right back at the screen!  I remember photographing her for the first time back when she was just a little girl in braces and to see her now just blows my mind — so sophisticated and beautiful!

    READY FOR YOUR TURN IN THE SPOTLIGHT?  We are currently accepting applications for our 2016 Studio B Seniors Modeling Team.  If you are (or know) a High School Junior, Class of 2016 student that is social, smart, fun, positive, outgoing, photogenic …then keep reading for directions to apply below.Our Studio B Models like Mikaelyn are the Face of Studio B Seniors. Selected student models help us with showcasing the latest styles for the upcoming Senior Season, promote Studio B Seniors at their schools and are featured in all of our print and online advertisements including full page spreads in 425 Magazine.   Our promotional models for the 2016 Campaign will receive a complimentary modeling photo shoot with professional camera-ready hair & make-up from the amazing stylist at Sorella Salon and  have the opportunity to earn credit toward their Summer senior pictures.

    For additional information and to apply online:

    1. Like us on Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram
    2. Contact Us and put “2016 Studio B Model-Online Application” in the message box  — As soon as we receive your message we will send you a link to the online application.

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