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    Fashion inspired senior pictures of girl in maxi and stripes_Studio B Portraits_0142.jpg

    Fashion inspired senior pictures of girl in maxi and stripes_Studio B Portraits_0141.jpg

    If you follow this blog at all you know I love when I find a celebrity doppelganger (a high school senior that visually reminds me of a famous person) — Don’t ask me why I have so much joy in this process but …I do:-)So…here we go!  Maks from Issaquah High School totally looks like Super Model Miranda Kerr to me… oh go ahead…click the Google link and see if you agree – heehee.  Maks is such a beauty in her own right and she has a real chameleon like quality that allowed her to transform her look from outfit to outfit.  I also posted another studio favorite to our Facebook page here.


    Best Family Pictures in Bellevue on Lake Wash at Studio B
    Best Family Pictures in Bellevue on Lake Wash005
    Best Family Pictures in Bellevue on Lake Wash002
    Best Family Pictures in Bellevue on Lake Wash004
    Best Family Pictures in Bellevue on Lake Wash at Studio B

    Photographing the Moore Family on location at their beautiful Bellevue home was beyond lovely.  Normally I think our portraits look like they are in fashion magazines but in this case…I’m going to say Architectural Digest might be more apropos given the gorgeous setting.  It hit me as the Seattle sun was streaming through the windows and bouncing off Lake Washington outside that THIS is the reason that we all love the Northwest.  It literally does not get any more enchanting.  I love the family’s choice of wardrobe and color combinations — modern, fresh and so chic.  I shouldn’t have been surprised though…this family never misses in the fashion department…Some of you might remember pretty Sophie from her Senior Pictures photo shoot in 2012 at the Confetti Cupcake shop…and Mom Michele when we profiled her during her professional headshots session.


    Senior pictures of girl in cowboy hat from Eastside Catholic_Studio B Portraits_0126
    Senior pictures of girl in cowboy hat from Eastside Catholic_Studio B Portraits

    For our senior pictures photo shoots we always encourage anything that personalizes the sessions or makes it THAT much more special for you.  For a lot of the Class of 2015…that has meant bringing their dogs! Sabrina from Eastside Catholic High School has an amazing energy and the absolutely most adorable dog ever.  (Doesn’t he look like a little bear?)  We photographed the two of them together in this super cute “cowgirl” inspired ensemble and I posted another one of my favorites to our Facebook page here


    Magazine style senior pictures of Bellevue HS girl in floral dress_Studio B Portraits
    Magazine style senior pictures of Bellevue HS girl in floral dress_Studio B Portraits_0129

    Senior pictures are a REALLY big deal — HUGE even.  Every now and again I find myself at a loss for words in trying to communicate how we celebrate the experience …but then I shoot a series of images that say it all!  Meet Sophia from Bellevue High School.  The Greek beauty embraced that perfect combination of awesome…Silly, Sassy, Serious, Super Model (can you tell I love alliteration?)  For this in-the-studio look…she showed me this fabulous floral dress and blazer with her nude heel and I immediately thought…we’ve just got to “top knot” your hair into a messy bun for a few snaps — Sophia didn’t miss a beat…she smiled and up it went…then, in runs Mom with a pair of reader glasses and NOW it was a model party! Here’s what I’m getting at — we’re having fun — no brain surgery, no world peace…literally, pure, unabashed joy.  Since our senior sessions are styled like magazine photo shoots, we end up with a ton of amazing photography showcasing the experience, many sides of  the kid’s personality and a document to this wonderful time in their lives.

    Since two of the most frequently asked questions after the session are “How will I ever pick?”  AND “Can we have them all?”  This is a perfect time to talk about the fact that we do a TON (I mean a lot) of Portfolio Books from our sessions (these are gorgeous, flush mount art books featuring your favorites from the shoot in custom designed editorial-style page lay-outs)  Another favorite is our Movie-style shows…everything set to music, mixed with behind the scenes video…I’ve posted several on our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure:-)I love this recent one of Ellie from Issaquah HS and Amanda from Lake Washington

    PS. We also posted an outdoor stunner of Sophia on our Instagram page here


    Senior pictures of guy in dress shorts and blue polo shirt_Studio B Portraits

    Looking for great senior pictures for your Class of 2015 boy?  Let’s go ahead and let this Taylor Lautner look-a-like be your inspiration shall we?  Honestly Griffen walked in and I just had to ask…”Um has anyone ever told you that you look like Jacob from Twilight?” — Spoiler alert…he’s heard it a time or two;-)  Like a lot of our fellas…senior pictures and mugging for my camera were not at the top of his “so excited” list – but I think even he was surprised by how much it “didn’t suck”  (that’s my quote…not his…many of our boys are shocked that playing Super Model for an afternoon is actually pretty cool)  I loved this casual outdoor look in his dress short and navy polo but I was DYING for his dapper suit & tie that we posted to our Facebook.  For more guy senior pictures…be sure to check out our GQ Portfolio on our Senior Website.