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    Male model portfolio shoot_Studio B Portraits

    Matt has those All-American good looks and boyish charm that instantly have you wondering…high school senior or male model?  Um, short answer is “both” 😉  We photographed his model portfolio shoot on a December day that highly discouraged the desire to take ones shirt off…but — “in the name of fashion” Matt went ahead and took one for the team for this Polo Ralph Lauren inspired session.  Clearly the sacrifice was worth it…he looks amazing!  And those great genes run in the family….we photographed his beautiful sister Sarah for her senior pictures with her bunnies here.  And with that said — this is officially my last entry of 2014 so here’s wishing you and yours HAPPY NEW YEAR…see you in 2015!


    Formal family portraits in tux and black dress_Studio B Portraits_0080.jpg

    Formal family portraits in tux and black dress_Studio B Portraits_0081.jpg

    I absolutely adore a “moment”…you know — that time that passes in a blink…is seemingly pedestrian…but NO — it’s so telling of who we are as a family.  For me, that is the portrait of the men above helping one another get ready for their close-up and the absolute delight of young Quinn looking up at his Daddy. LOVE IT.  The Bean Family got all dolled up in a black, bling and barking formal theme (their puppy actually never made a peep…I just like alliteration) …the fellas looking dapper in their suits & ties…the ladies adding a little sparkle to their LBD’s (little black dresses).  There are just so many options for great family pictures…if you are looking for more inspiration for your own, be sure to check out our recent family sessions or head over to our family portfolio.


    Glamorous Christmas Family Pictures in red and gold glitter at Studio B Portraits Glamorous Christmas Family Portraits in red and gold glitter at Studio B in Issaquah

    On behalf of the Clark’s and the whole Studio B Portraits Family…I wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas and share more from our own holiday card photo shoot.  Our session was sponsored by the Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” sound track and oh boy…we shook it:-)  (Even young Wesley at just 23 months was working his moves)  This was hands down our easiest family portrait ever — why?  “I released” — I literally took the advise I give to every one of the families that I photograph — I relaxed, went with the flow and we just got joy-filled for…12 minutes…  (haha…it was also the FASTEST photo shoot ever 😉

    NOTE:  Studio B Portraits will be closed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  Blessings to All!


    Bevell Family Pictures with Darrell and Tammy at Studio B Portraits_0078.jpg
    Bevell Family Pictures with Darrell and Tammy at Studio B Portraits_0079.jpg

    If you just read the title of this post — “OH MY GOSH, The Bevell Family is SO cute!” — You probably have already looked at them and are saying the exact same thing 😀   Their genuine affection and effortless confidence in front of the camera might make you think that Team Bevell (they are a very athletic family…so I’m hoping you all are enjoying my play on words here 😉 – does this all of the time. But NO– it’s been years and years since Mom Tammy has updated their family portrait and it was way overdue.  Dad Darrell was holding it down as the only fella of the fab five and as you can see — big points for participation…he was such a good sport!  Oh and if one of the Bevell’s above is looking familiar to you — yep, you guessed it — we first met Softball rock-star Kylie earlier in the season when we did her senior pictures.  Here’s a quick link to her shoot




    Formal Family Pictures in crimson and black at Studio B Portraits_0076.jpg

    Can we all agree that Stuffy and Stiff sound more like Snow White’s new Dwarfs than our ideal family portrait?  I don’t have any scientific evidence, but I think a lot of people equate “Formal Family Pictures” with tight, uncomfortable and awkward — The Hanson Family here is going to shatter that perception.  Rocking crimson and black in all of it’s upscale awesomeness…this quartet kept it light, carefree and full of joy.  Prior to the session, Mom Amy and I talked about the fact that this was the families first time getting dressed up for their holiday family pictures (so exciting for me) and we chatted about her concerns, hopes, dreams (I’m a little bit exaggerating on the last “dreams” part” but you get the idea…we took time to get on the same page)  We made appointments for the family over at Sorella Salon to get camera ready prior to the session and I can’t say enough how much of a confidence builder it is to put yourself in the hands of a professional hair & make-up stylist prior to your photo shoot (models in magazines wouldn’t think about getting in front of the camera without a team…so why shouldn’t you have the same indulgence:-))  It was cliche Seattle rain on the day of our session but the brilliant part was — IT DID NOT MATTER because we photographed in our beautiful studio with a chic Ralph Lauren inspired set and holiday music pumping.  The truth is, it can be really challenging getting a family portrait together when you are the Mom responsible for air traffic control of the entire shebang but you can relax —  this is what we do and we are here to make sure it’s as easy and fun and possible.  It doesn’t have to be Scary, Awful and Stressful — those gems can be left for the three other Dwarfs!