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      Great Family Pictures with the Sacia’s | Professional Portrait Studio near Bellevue

      Best family portrait studio in Issaquah for holiday pictures__Brooke Clark_Studio B Portraits_0163.jpg

      Best family portrait studio in Issaquah for holiday pictures__Brooke Clark_Studio B Portraits_0164.jpg


      So I’m considering changing the Studio B Portraits motto from “You on Your Best Day” to ….”It didn’t suck as much as I thought it would!:-)” Why???…because that is like THE most common sentiment from the fellas that visit the studio!   :-)  To be fair…most don’t actually say those exact words…but if I had the super power to read the invisible bubble over their heads…I feel confident that’s exactly what I’d see…and maybe even if we’re talking about the men of Sacia Family here…that it was even fun!  Kudos to Mom Lisa for getting not just one…but all three of her guys to the studio…and arriving, completely coordinated….ready for their close-up.

      Holiday Special: The Little Black Book

      The Little black book petite wallet album at Studio B Portraits in Issaquah
      Studio B Portraits "Little Black Book"

      It’s BACK by popular demand…but quantities are limited!!!  Maybe you didn’t get everything you wanted while you were here the first time…maybe it’s for your Mother in Law, your spouse or even a stocking stuffer…whatever your reason…we want you to play favorites.  Actually, pick your 8-favorites!  We’re putting a whole new spin on “Little Black Book” by letting you customize the pages with your favorite 8 portraits.  YEP, that’s 8 different wallet photos inside this cutie little purse-ready album.  Even better…now through December 9 we’ve got a special holiday price of just  $99 (reg. $199).  This is an online exclusive promotion so you must mention PROMO CODE: WB2013 when calling 425-996-8711 or emailing with your order.

      Have a Crappy Christmas? | Funny Outtakes of Crying Kid | Great Childrens Photographer


      Are we having fun yet???  Just in case you think that only your family could qualify for the “Have a Crappy Christmas” Card award — I submit for your consideration…my own Clark children holiday family portraits.  Let’s break down the film.  EPIC  sobbing from my middle daughter — and Why?…because…well… because of her placement on the bench.   To which I literally heard myself say to her “Are You KIDDING me with this Ryann?” — But I moved her — and she stopped crying.  Stinker.   Then my lovely baby boy — who is always is full of joy…took her lead and gave me the WTF expression for what I swear was 90% of the photo shoot — the other 10% was split between him alternately 1. refusing to look at the camera and 2. open-hand slapping his sister upside her head.  Finally — my one cooperative kid, our oldest daughter — relegated to gritted teeth and snarky commentary during this circus side-show asking — “Did you get it? Are we done yet?”  My reply — NO we did NOT get it.  And YES we are SO done.  :-)  Shoot #2 went waaaayyy better…here’s a sneak peek from that shoot that we posted on Facebook.

      Be sure to check out our Studio B Portraits Family Portrait Gallery on our main website — these are the “non-fail” photo shoots that are available to people who are not my blood related off spring!

      • Lisa

        It made me smile, not only because I have children to match each your children’s personalities…but also because it’s like you took the words right out of my mouth! <3 xo

      • You are a doll Lisa!

      • David Gallimore

        Priceless! I’ve had the pleasure of “playing” at Brooke Clark’s Studio B Portraits – once for a head shot and once with my family a weeks later for a holiday photo shoot – both filled with joy and ease. The results? Lot’s of compliments from friends and family.

      Holiday Pictures with the Roels | Best Family Portrait Studio in Seattle

      Best family portrait studio in Seattle for holiday pictures__Brooke Clark_Studio B Portraits_0162.jpg

      Best family portrait studio in Seattle for holiday pictures__Brooke Clark_Studio B Portraits_0161.jpg

      Family photos with the Roels’ party of 5 — SO MUCH FUN!  I had photographed all of the girls before — from senior pictures to headshots – I knew we had a photogenic group of ladies here but this was my first time getting the fellas in front of my camera.  As you can see…the guys didn’t disappoint!  Matter of fact, young Nick had me laughing from start to finish…he may have a Hollywood career in his future and Dad was a total pro too!