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With Professionals Week coming (March 25-29), I knew this was the perfect time to talk all things “Professional Business Headshots.”  Hands down, my very favorite thing about business head shot photo shoots is learning more about what these professional men and women do when they are not in front of my lens.  The more I know in advance of clicking…the better the results so before I even picked up the camera to photograph Veresh (above) we spent time chatting about a topic that is REALLY interesting to the both of us — “Managing Your Personal Brand”  If you’re thinking…”Uh, my what?” — don’t worry!  Putting it simply…your personal brand takes the same concepts that corporations like Mac, Mercedes Benz, Disney, & Nordstrom have used successfully and applies them to you as an individual.  These great companies have meticulously crafted their images and messages to give us a very clear sense of what to expect when we do business with them.  Imagine the power of doing this for yourself when you are creating profiles on Linked-In, Facebook, blogs, community service, business marketing pieces and collateral?  The idea that a potential employer, prospect or business partner would already have a positive perception of you before you’ve even met with them is an extremely compelling reason to give some thought to the following:

1. Why are you getting photographed? There are as many reasons as there are people! For example… It’s been a long time since your last head shot photo…or your current headshot is terrible; you have a new job…want a different job; got an entirely new hair cut/color, weight loss, contact lens instead of glasses…it’s endless!)  What’s important to remember is that the reason and the use should dictate the overall finished image.

2. The look and feel of the finished images.  Are you going for contemporary, warm, friendly? OR  maybe something completely polar to those concepts…seasoned, intimidating, direct?  Giving thought to the “personality” of your head shot will drive you in the right direction when you’re posing in front of the camera and allow your photographer (that would be me 🙂 ) to guide you easily through the shoot and help you translate your vision.

3. Visual specifications: Crops, colors, expressions or any other pertinent influences to how we will need to proceed are important.  Definitely do your research and find samples of what you really like visually. To kick start your creativity there are tons of places to get ideas and I have a recent post about where to look for headshot photos that you can check out here.  Additionally, if you have multiple outlets for your headshot — you may want to consider a scheduling a Portfolio Session that includes different backdrops and wardrobe changes so that it’s not Groundhogs Day (ie the same photo of you in every website or publication)

Hope this has been helpful and if you are feeling this overwhelming urge to schedule a new Headshot Portrait Session…check out www.StudioBheadshots.com and contact us about our Professionals Week Headshot Special.




It’s our Studio B Seniors 2014 Model Team Open Casting Call and here’s your first look at just a few of our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Models. Working left to right (above)…meet Emily, Abby, Amanda and Erica!

Think you might be interested in applying? Well ask yourself…

  • Were you already planning on coming to Studio B Portraits for your senior pictures this Summer because you’ve seen a million of our images and you love our style?
  • Do you really like to be photographed and could happily be a Super Model with everyone oohing and awing over your awesome-ness?
  • Are you positive, involved in activities, outgoing, friendly and really into fashion? That’s a great start! Now make sure you are currently a High School Junior and keep reading…

We are accepting applications for our 2014 Studio B Seniors Modeling Team – the “Face of Studio B Seniors” Selected student models will help us with showcasing the latest styles for the upcoming senior season, promote Studio B Seniors at their schools and be featured in all of our print and online advertisements including full page spreads in 425 Magazine. Our promotional models for the 2014 Spring & Summer Campaign will receive a complimentary modeling photo shoot, a reduced rate on their Summer Senior Session and have the opportunity to earn senior pictures credit. Like what you’re hearing so far? Click here for more information and to apply online


Best-childrens-photographer-in-Seattle_three-kids-in-angel-white-at-Studio-B-Portraits Sleeping-baby-at-Studio-B-Portraits Best-childrens-photographer-in-Seattle_African-American-girl-in-white-dress-at-Studio-B-Portraits

My three little angels!  For my babes first sibling photo shoot I wanted to create portraits that had a peaceful, ethereal quality (…without literally attaching wings to any of their backs) For anyone with young children — “peaceful and angelic” are pretty scarce commodities.  For my two oldest I brought the requisite bribes of their favorite fast food kids meal and the promise of cupcakes if they acted right (don’t judge me 🙂 )  My 4 week old son was a different story so for him, I just got him good and milk drunk before we attempted to shoot.  I then ignored the fact that he completely yupped right down the front of my sweater just as I was laying him into his sister’s arms.  Hoping you’re getting the mental picture that I’m attempting to paint for you…two sisters debating with one another over who gets to hold their beloved brother while he majorly spits up on me and I suddenly realize that miraculously…they are in the perfect position looking right up at me simultaneously.  Smelling like sour milk I issue the declarative to “wait, wait wait…don’t move you all look amazing” to which instead of all of them continuing to look at me…they do the polar opposite — they all look at each other. And to be honest…that was WAY better than what I had planned. so…  “CLICK” — my favorite portrait of my sweet babies up on the top right!  This will be hanging in my house shortly 🙂


Studio-B-Portraits-great-picture-of-a-Mexican-married-couple-laughing-near-Seattle Studio-B-Portraits-great-family-pictures-of-three-brothers-near-Seattle Studio-B-Portraits-great-family-pictures-near-Seattle_Gomez__0928

Loved photographing the Gomez Family (I first met oldest son Joav when I photographed his senior pictures) and I have NEVER in my whole life wished that I paid more attention during my three years of high school Spanish than during this shoot. Why? I mean, everybody spoke English (duh) but when the family was chatting in Spanish it hit me that it was like a metaphorical double dutch rope…I simply could not jump  in 🙂  (Sadly, my bilingual proficiency is limited to locating the restroom and ordering my quesadilla at Las Margaritas on Front Street.)  Anyway…now that I’ve gone off on some silly side bar, let me bring it back to the Gomez Family!  We had a pleasant Seattle day that was not covered in sideways rain and wind so we took advantage of shooting outside.  These three boys were SO charming and polite — I can only hope to raise my new baby boy to be so well mannered!  OH and — BIG shout out to our Studio B make-up artist Tiffany for Mama’s gorgeous camera ready make-up!


Studio B Portraits HIgh School senior pictures model from Issaquah High School

I’ve been having SO much fun walking down memory lane with our favorite models from last season and Kenna here is just another perfect (and extremely photogenic) reason why! I mean really, what a doll.  And for all of you current High School Juniors interested in our Model Open Casting Call for the Studio B Seniors 2014 Model Team, here’s the link to more info on how to apply to represent your school.


1. NAME: Kenna
2. SCHOOL: Issaquah High School
4. Favorite magazine: InStyle
5. Favorite retailer: Coach http://www.coach.com/
6. So “Right Now”…: Trench Coats
7. So “Over it”…: Feather Hair Extensions
8. My favorite color(s) is…: Blue
9. My celebrity style icon is…: I don’t have a specific celebrity style icon, I don’t really follow celebrity fashion. I get my inspiration from various fashion magazines and online editorials.
10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was…: Spending time walking around and talking with Brooke in between shots.
11. Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit)  In one of my shots I wore a white lace dress with 5″ open toed Steve Madden wedge booties. It was a lot of fun getting walking around Issaquah all dressed up.
12. Anything else you’d like to share with your readers…: Not only does Brooke deliver amazing high quality photos, but she is super sweet and makes you feel at ease in front of the camera as well! It’s because of my shoot with Brooke that I decided to go out and pursue modeling and acting on a professional level. Now I am signed to 206 Model Management and have had so much fun in the process. I would like to thank Brooke, because without my Studio B experience I might not be where I am today.