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    senior-pictures-of-Ballerina-in-black-tutu-with-circus-theme Senior-pictures-of-ballerina-in-black-tutu-with-a-circus-red-and-white-theme-at-Studio-B

    So I’m certain it’s become abundantly clear that I am TOTALLY enjoying the 2013 Senior Pictures photo shoots this season.  I feel like I’m getting to explore every single creative wish on my senior pictures list.  After I had an opportunity to photograph an awesome ballerina earlier this season, I was hoping that I’d get another chance to do a second ballet shoot…but this time with a circus theme!!! And then…in walks…no DANCES…Diana…in her perfect black tutu!  Heart flutter, I could just melt!  Loved how these turned out!  You can see the full length “circus ballerina” portrait on our Facebook page here.


    Professional-headshots-at-Studio-B-in-Issaquah-near-Seattle-WA Business-headshots-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-WA

    Professional headshots featuring one of my VERY favorite models — my beautiful sister Dana!  It goes without saying that I adore her and I absolutely love that she will let me play pictures with her.  Big thank you to our Studio B make-up artist Margaret for her gorgeous camera ready face.  If you are looking for a refresh on your own business head shots be sure to check out our professional gallery at


    Senior-pictures-of-pretty-girl-laughing-at-gate-by-Studio-B-Portraits Senior-pictures-of-girl-walking-on-train-tracks-in-Issaquah-for-senior-pictures

    Riley from Eastlake High School has such an All American Girl quality….such a natural beauty but her blown out straight locks are anything but natural.   (think big time effort to get her naturally wavy hair to behave opposite its nature)  So as we were heading in from her first outdoor look, I felt a definitive drop from the skies…then another and I thought, “Really Seattle, now?”   Grabbed an umbrella and we headed out for this shoot on the railroad tracks but luckily — didn’t need it…false alarm, tragedy averted and gorgeous senior pictures.:-)