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Best-senior-pictures-in-Bellevue-of-Newport-High-School-girl-outdoors-for-Studio-B Bellevue-Senior-Pictures-of-Newport-High-School-pretty-girl-in-floral-dress-at-Studio-B

Lenna from Newport High School is just pretty inside and out and it seemed fitting that her Senior Pictures would have a rainbow 🙂  Since we don’t have any real perspective for you in these shots…you probably can’t tell that Lenna is Super Model tall in her sky-high black booties here but let me just say…um, she is and we could put her in the pages of Seventeen Magazine any day of the week!


Senior-pictures-playing-in-the-fall-leaves-at-Studio-B-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-WA_2 Fashion-senior-pictures-of-pretty-Seattle-girl-in-blue-dress-at-Studio-B-Issaquah Senior-pictures-playing-in-the-fall-leaves-at-Studio-B-Issaquah-near-Bellevue-WA

Meet Chimacum High School Senior Katelyn.  If you’re thinking “What? Where is that school on Seattle’s Eastside?”  Um…it’s not.  Clearly, I’m not breaking any ground by acknowledging how awesome the internet can be but it’s particularly cool that because of our Studio B Seniors website, we get introduced to high school seniors from near and far.  Katelyn and her awesome Mom traveled several hours round trip to shoot senior pictures with us and I could not have been any more thrilled that we had the pretty fall leaves to contrast her gorgeous electric blue dress.


High-School-senior-pictures-of-girl-listensing-to-music Pretty-african-american-girl-with-guitar-by-a-train-station-at--Studio-B

Garfield High School Senior Jasmine has many sides to her personality and the thing that is totally awesome about shooting four different looks during her senior portrait session is that she had the chance to showcase the best of herself for each. For this hipstser look we headed out with her guitar, headphones and iPod for a little musical set and luckily beat the rain (welcome to Fall in Seattle) before it really started coming down.  Isn’t she just gorgeous!



Fun-family-pictures-during-fall-at-Studio-B-Portraits-in-Issaquah Great-outdoor-family-pictures-at-Studio-B-Portratis-in-Issaquah_Sullivan

The irony of Northwest weather is NEVER lost on me. So the night before the Sullivan Family photo shoot, I see that the weather forecast is like 99.9% rain for the next day.  I send the “bad news” email to Mom Liz and she says…no worries, studio it is.  Then, *poof* we get this gorgeous morning of sunshine for their family portrait session.  As you can see, we have the best outdoor Fall family shoot and frolicking fun time was had by all.  On my way home to lunch, I’m taking in the blue skies and I give my husband a call (he was out of town) and tell him how excited I am that the weather is just gorgeous since I have 4 more shoots to go. But…WAIT for it…by the time I am coming back to the studio from lunch — it’s pouring buckets. Well played Seattle…clearly you still have a sense of humor.


Best-senior-pictures-in-Bellevue-of-West-Seattle-high-school-girl-outdoors-at-Studio-B-in-white-dress Best-senior-pictures-in-Bellevue-of-West-Seattle-high-school-girl-outdoors-at-Studio-B

Ellen from West Seattle High School walks in and I believe that I’ve met a real life Barbie Doll 🙂 (but with WAY more personality of course) — all 6 feet of her!  As you can see, this volleyball stand-out is quite the presence when she steps in front of the camera and we had the most beautiful sunny day to shoot (If you are wondering sun? What is sun?…here’s your little reminder)  She was literally stopping traffic while we were shooting on the streets.  Oh and BIG shout out to our Studio B Make-up artist Tiffany for Ellen’s gorgeous camera-ready make-up — so natural and gorgeous.  For more 2013 Seniors, be sure to check out Studio B Seniors here.