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Beautiful-childrens-picture-of-African-American-girl-in-polka-dot-dress-at-Studio-B-Portraits Great-childrens-portraits-of-brother-and-sister-at-Studio-B-Portraits

So I know that as a Mom we all want the smiling portraits of our kids but I’ve got to tell you, there is something seriously captivating for me when I look at these kids individual images.  Sure it helps that this sweet brother and sister duo are both impossibly adorable, but it’s the sweet innocence and wonder that comes through their big chocolate eyes that just makes these portraits so special.

  • Amanda

    My favorite picture of Marah is one you took with her looking into the camera with a solemn look on her face.


Totally excited to introduce you to another of our favorite high school senior models from last season.  Today we’re talking with exotic beauty Sarah! (Side note and distracting moment alert!…does she not have THE most gorgeous hair and to-die-for smile?)  Sarah gave us the 411 on her style right now and where she gets her fashion inspiration below.  And for all of you Class of 2014 gals and guys…we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors – CLICK HERE for details on applying)

1. NAME: Sarah
2. SCHOOL: Issaquah High School
3. My style right now is… big comfy sweaters with skinny jeans and combat boots
4. Favorite magazine People
5. Favorite retailer (include online link) Aritzia 
6. So “Right Now”…. Combat Boots
7. So “Over it”… Tribal prints
8. My favorite color(s) is… purple
9. My celebrity style icon is… Lauren Conrad her look is sophisticated and classy yet totally chic
10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was… shooting my very first photoshoot because it was all so new to me and fun and exciting!
11. Describe your best Studio B outfit: My favorite outfit was my sun dress and wedges.  It was really summery and was easy to find a background that would look good with it



If you’ve been following us on the blog this month, you already know that we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors – CLICK HERE for details on applying) and sitting down with our favorite models from last season getting their take on all things fashion & style.  Today we’re featuring Riley and I love her because she is a true chameleon in front of the camera.  I had the joy of photographing her on three separate occasions and each time she walked through the door it was like visually meeting a new girl…casual, dressy, curly hair, sleek and straight…she delivers the best of every look!

1. Name: Riley

2. School: Eastlake High School

3. My Style Right Now: Boho or girly, on days I actually feel like trying…

4. Favorite Magazine: Seventeen or Vogue. Seventeen is a fun read but Vogue really inspires me.

5. Love to Shop: Oh boy, I can’t choose just one!!

Nordstrom: www.nordstrom.com

Madewell: www.madewell.com

TopShop: www.topshop.com

Free People: www.freepeople.com

6. So Right Now: Prints, prints, prints!! But be careful which ones you choose… Some tribals will be on their way out soon. You always have to have a good pair of boots, especially in Washington. Leather jackets are in, always have been, always will be! Sheer blouses are some of my favorite, because you can dress them down, or up! And finally, oversized sweaters… soo comfy!!!

7. Completely Over: Floral prints… Never been a huge fan.

8. Favorite Color: Turquoise

9. Celebrity Inspiration: I like Blake Lively, because she will either dress girly, or boho, and I sometimes walk the line between those as well.

10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was when I was taking pictures with Brooke at a little white house, and this cute old man came out of the house next door to tell me I was pretty! He made my day for sure 🙂

11. My favorite model outfit was probably the one with denim shorts, a cream long sleeve tee with a brown knit vest over it and my combat boots. It was very me and it felt like I was just in something that I would be wearing anyway, not just to take pictures in. However, I did LOVE wearing my cowboy boots, they’re pretty awesome…

12. What you need to know: If you’re thinking about being a model, stop hesitating!! Working with Brooke is SO much fun and she always makes you feel and look like a princess. You won’t be disappointed!!


Studio-B-Portraits_High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-Team-_Lucy Newport High School Bellevue

You can’t help but LOVE Lucy! (If she is looking a bit familiar to you, it’s probably because she was featured in the 425 Magazine Summer edition for Studio B Seniors) Her energy, smile and originality for every photo shoot made her an absolute favorite of mine.  Lucy is not afraid to experiment with fashion and she is all about the perfect “accessory”.  Before we get to her interview below, I wanted to mention again that we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors – CLICK HERE for details on applying)

1. NAME: Lucy Wang
2. SCHOOL: Newport High School
3. My style right now is… Fun colors! Coral’s and mint shades. Peter pan collars, colored denim, cute “hipster” designs
4. Favorite magazine: Seventeen Magazine:
5. Favorite retailer  I love Charlotte Russe and Forever21!

6. So “Right Now”…. Coral and Mint shades, high low shirts and skirts. Peter pan collars, one direction 😉
7. So “Over it”…  Gangnam style hahaha
8. My favorite color(s) is… coral, mint, teal, turquoise, orange
9. My celebrity style icon is… (ex. Kim Kardashian…she so glamorous) Lucy Hale, Blake Lively, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone
10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was… Getting to look over my amazing senior pictures, and taking my senior pictures under the sunshine! Oh and meeting some of the amazing models for the pattern advertisement. OHHHHHH BUT BEST OF ALL…. Winning the feature in 425 magazine! I bought the issue I was featured in 😉

11. Describe your best Studio B photo: I really like the outfit where I was wearing my strapless dress that had polka dots on top, and flora on the bottom, and I matched it with a big pink floppy hat. It was one of my favorites because it showcased my fun and outgoing fashion sense of not being afraid to clash styles, and it went perfectly with the sunshine!

12. Anything else you’d like to share ….Being a Studio B Model was SOO much fun! Definitely a highlight of my year. I loved anxiously waiting for my pictures to post on facebook, I definitely recommend Studio B to everyone! 🙂


Studio-B-Portraits_Best-baby-pictures-Seattle_Clark__3 Studio-B-Portraits_Best-baby-pictures-Seattle_Clark__2 Studio-B-Portraits_Best-baby-pictures-Seattle_Clark__0019e

So less than two weeks ago, all of our Studio B websites were viciously hacked!  Really?  YES, REALLY.  Everything had to come down, “get cleaned” and submitted back through Google for safety approval.  I wouldn’t wish this business nightmare on anyone but during this quiet window where I couldn’t blog, I couldn’t share and I couldn’t update pictures on our sites I decided that I wasn’t going to sweat the small stuff (because if you read Pinterest sayings…”it’s all small stuff”).  Now that we’re encrypted, secure and back up & running for all of our websites, I thought it would be fun to share our new addition to the Clark House!  You’ll have to pardon him…because clearly this is a baby that prioritizes his naps over my photo shoots (he’s so tired and very busy growing!)  My husband called these sleepy photo shoots “Fun with Baby” because every time he conked out, I picked up my camera 🙂  Not content for him to be solo however, I made the entire family also get in front of my lens for our first ever “Party of 5” Family Portrait. I posted it here on our Facebook page.