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    Talk about HAPPY NEW YEAR…this is what I found in our Studio B Portraits mail box this morning!  Our images were featured in not one but two magazines this month!  YIPPEE!   You can catch us in the January issues of both 425 Magazine and Bellevue Club’s Reflections Magazine.  (Oh and if you’re seeing the cutey couple in the center article about the “Sweetheart Date for Two” and you’re looking for a fun couples Valentines Gift, then definitely check out the magazine or stay tuned here for our Sweetheart Photo Shoot Special Announcement.


    Ringing in the New Year…can it be that time already?   YEP!!! We are currently accepting applications for our 2013 Studio B Seniors Modeling Team.  If you are (or know) a Junior, Class of 2013 student that is fun, positive, outgoing, photogenic and ready for their close-up…you should definitely keep reading.  But first, we thought it might be fun to chat with Kirsten, one of our favorite Senior Models from last year and get her insiders look at all things fashion, celebrity and of course highlights from her year as a  Studio B Seniors model.

    1. NAME: Kirsten Parris
    2. SCHOOL: The Overlake School
    3. My style right now is… Classic chic. I’m super into anything that’s timeless, but still trendy.
    4. Favorite magazine It’s a tie between Seventeen and Vogue.
    5. Favorite retailer Madewell and Wildfox!
    6. So “Right Now”… Reversible jeans! They’re from BlueLab and they’re blue on one side and black wax on the other! I’m in love with them.
    7. So “Over it”… Parachute pants and clogs. Whoever brought those back has a personal vendetta against fashion.
    8. My favorite color(s) is… Pink or black
    9. My celebrity style icon is… I really pull from so many different celebrities. Usually from the cast of “Pretty Little Liars,” those girls are flawless.
    10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was… Having my friend text me from Sorella Salon telling me that my photo was on their wall! That was beyond cool.
    11. Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit) that we shot of you during either session and tell us why it’s your favorite I live in my skinny jeans, so my favorite outfit was definitely those with my Wildfox heart sweater. And I got to wear my 6″ heels (a rare occasion for a 5’8″ girl)!:)
    12. Anything else you’d like to share with your readers…. This was such a fun experience, and I would highly recommend applying to be a model. Even if you can’t do it, for any reason (camera shy, too busy, whatever), I would still definitely recommend getting your photos done with Brooke. She’s an absolute doll, and so much fun to work with!

    Our  awesome Studio B Models like Kirsten are the “Face of Studio B Seniors”.   Selected student models help us with showcasing the latest styles for the upcoming Senior Season, promote Studio B Seniors at their schools and are featured in all of our print and online advertisements including full page spreads in 425 Magazine.  Our promotional models for the 2013 Campaign will receive a complimentary modeling photo shoot,  and  have the opportunity to earn credit toward their Summer senior pictures. Click here for more and to apply online




    Seriously beautiful children…that was my first thought when the Smith Kids walked into the Studio B Portraits lobby.  Like Wow…”Guess who’s about to have fun?”(…Oh whatever I know the PC answer is to say “them” but who are we kidding…I could feel my professional photographer self esteem rising before I even clicked the first frame on the camera…they are just gorgeous and I knew that was going to make me awesome too :-)  )  The thing that was really neat about this portrait session is that it was Dad bringing the kids as a surprise gift for Mom.  Talk about HUGE points!  If only more husbands knew that this was the Holy Grail of “Best Gift for Your Wife” presents – big time kudos for something so personal and thoughtful.  Well played Mr. Smith!

    • Nancy Zeeb

      I do have beautiful grandkids but kudos to the photographer.
      So stunning that the portraits took my breath away and my eyes
      filled with tears. They are every bit as gorgeous as their
      grampa was.


    Admittedly, I am consistently sentimental this time of year  but I always have loved a generations family portrait.  Mom Nancy brought her own Mother and daughter for a three generations portrait session and as you can see… a good time was had by all. I typically design my work to be displayed in color but there is something so fabulous — so timelessly beautiful about  this type of black and white portrait.



    I wanted to share a bit of our behind the scenes adventures attempting our 2011 Clark Family christmas card. Like many families, our family has a tradition of an annual holiday portrait photo shoot.  Historically this has lead to tears, anger and tantrums…of course that was mostly just me and my spouse:-)No matter though, because looking back at those memories brings us more joy than I can express.  Now that our oldest daughter is 7 and our youngest is a big Kindergartener, I was hopeful that we could pull off  a little “Mad Men” attitude meets “Modern Urban Chic.”  As you can see it was far more shtick than chic but as always the best and most joy-filled madness! Whether it’s your own family portrait or a holiday tradition that is unique to your loved ones, here’s wishing you and yours a season of joy, laughter & blesssings.