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As we continue casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors) I am so excited to share the latest in our model interview series featuring last season’s top model and Bellevue High School beauty Ellie!  The thing that I love most about Ellie’s photo shoots is her ability to combine both sweet and sassy in the same photo.  She always has a special sparkle in her eyes that makes her senior pictures just pop!  For a photographer, it doesn’t get any better.  And now our interview…

1. NAME: Ellie
2. SCHOOL: Bellevue High School
3. My style right now is… Vintage chic
4. Favorite magazine: Seventeen
5. Favorite retailer: Buckle
6. So “Right Now”….Cowboy boots with sundresses!
7. So “Over it”…maxi dresses
8. My favorite color is…purple!
9. My celebrity style icon is…Taylor Swift! Her style is very classic and polished
10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was…Posing with my mom! She is a huge part of my life and I loved being able to share this fun experience with her.
11. Describe your best Studio B photo (or outfit: I loved the photo of me wearing my cowboy boots and red dress playing my guitar. It really captured what I enjoy and I think anyone who knows me well would say it is a stellar representation of my personality
12. Anything else you’d like to share with your readers….I loved being a Studio B model! Normally I wouldn’t consider myself very photogenic, but Brooke made the experience a fun one that I will never forget.


Studio B Portraits_Photo Shoot Party Studio B Portraits_Photo Shoot Party in Bellevue near Seattle WA

I’m not certain who has more fun at our Studio B Portraits’ Girl’s Night In Photoshoot Parties…you’d like to think it is the actual gals…but I’m sure that I’m a close second 😉 As you can see the girls were having a great time “getting their model on” as we rocked out during Birthday Girl Rachel’s “Black & Bling” themed party & photo shoot! Shout out to our make-up artist magician Tiffany for the fabulous faces that she created for our girls.



Unless this is your first visit to our blog, you probably know that we are currently casting for our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team (Open to current High School Juniors – CLICK HERE for details on applying) and today I’m thrilled to continue our model interview series featuring another of our awesome girls from last season — Mercer Island High School beauty Kelly.  To say that she is my Favorite — with a capital “F” is a total understatement.  Kelly has such a positive glow about her and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — her Mom is just lovely too!   Kelly and I spent the better part of our photo shoots gossiping about the latest installment of The Bachelor and trying to predict his next move (…at least it’s like four IQ steps above Honey Boo Boo, right?)  Here’s all of the inside scoop for trends, fashion and reality TV from Kelly!…

1. NAME: Kelly
2. SCHOOL: Mercer Island High School
3. My style right now is… cute and comfortable!
4. Favorite magazine: Seventeen
5. Favorite retailer: Nordstrom http://shop.nordstrom.com/
6. So “Right Now”: I love infinity scarves, and scarves in general! They will never go out of style!
7. So “Over it”: Crop tops… Yikes.
8. My favorite color(s) are: Lavender and baby blue!
9. My celebrity style icon is… Lauren Conrad. I love how her style is casual, beachy, and girly! And she always looks put together!
10. My favorite Studio B Model moment was… At each shoot, Brooke and I would constantly talk about our obsession with ‘The Bachelor’…
11. My favorite Studio B photo was taken while I was holding my old film camera, leaning against the side of an old building. It’s truly a unique picture, and it honestly looks like I could be in a different country… And I love the sepia tone!
12. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my senior pictures! Brooke is an amazing photographer who makes you feel comfortable, and she accommodates to your style. I love photography, and she definitely inspired me to pursue it as a career!


Professional-Model-Pictures-for-Kids-at-Studio-B-Portraits Professional-Model-Photography-for-Kids_Studio-B-Portraits

Look out Mickey Mouse…you might just be looking at the Disney Channel’s next Super Star!  Meet Olivia — working the camera like a professional at just 10 years old.  This sweet girl is headed for a second round of auditions with the Big Cheese (hee hee…get it? Mouse? Cheese?…alright I’ll stop 🙂  ) and needed updated professional headshots and a composite card (aka comp card)  for the next step in the interview process.  Olivia is everything that a photographer, casting director and agency would want in a working child actor or model.  She’s extremely personable, polite and takes direction well but clearly is still a kid that is genuinely having fun and doing what she enjoys.  It’s this last part — the authentic joy of the activity — that makes her so great awesome to play pictures with…her little giggle was infectious as she sang to a Miley Cyrus song!



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