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    ” Back up Moms…don’t every one crowd the door as you rush to sign up for this Kodak moment.  And No need to panic, I’m a professional children’s photographer.” :-)  Heehee.  Oh I know…I’m supposed to be showing you happy, smiling children but it’s Saturday and this was my giggle for today.   Of course we got the sweetest most adorable shots of these cousins (posted one here on our Facebook page) but once again I think it’s important that we go ahead and embrace the journey to the perfect picture which is many times a road paved with Cherrios bribes and adults sacrificing their dignity for that one amazing grin from our children.





    You are smiling at the screen right now aren’t you? I mean honestly, who can blame you — Kings High School Seniors Helle and Karleigh look like they are having a ball…and uh… they are ;-)  Shooting senior pictures with your BFF is fun.   The comedy of this shot is that…the motorcycles are SO not ours.  We just kept inching closer and closer until the owners finally said…”did you want to get on?”  “Heck yes” I reply and off we went!   If you’re wondering how to schedule senior pictures with a friend, here’s the back-story — Each of the girls scheduled individual senior portrait sessions, we just made arrangements and scheduling to allow for extra time to photograph a few shots together too.  We’re running a Book with a Friend Special in June so if you are interested here’s the link  More from Helle and Karleigh’s individual shoots coming soon!


    Pretty-senior-pictures-girl-in-toga-style-dress-at-Studio-B-Portraits Studio-B-Seniors-photo-shoot-of-Auburn-girl

    Meet Class of 2012, Haleigh! This West Auburn High School Senior beauty had an almost angelic quality in her toga inspired lace dress and for me that just demanded that we introduce an airy breeze to set the scene (…to know me is to understand my appreciation for a great glam fan!)  She was so fabulous that I had to just play a little bit so we also changed out the backdrop and did this look that we sneak peaked on our Facebook page here.

    • Once my 6th grader gets in high shocol, I’d rather you take her pictures instead of doing shocol pictures(they’re always so boring! Your work is so amazing!

    • Thanks so much! Love to!

    Cool-boy-senior-pictures-featuring-Seattle-boy-for-Studio-B-Seniors Lakeside-Senior-Pictures-photographed-at-Studio-B-Portraits

    Lakeside High School Senior Robbie and I headed out to play with trains during his photo shoot.  He’s got the rugged looks and athletic build that might make you think football player…but NO — swimmer!  Look out Michael Phelps!  Not content to just do the outdoor shots, I made him get his model on for me in the studio too (added a sneak peek from those on our Facebook page here)


    Best-senior-pictures-photographer-in-Seattle-photographing-Kings-High-School-girl-outdoors Studio-B-Seniors-portrait-studio-photographing-Kings-High-School-girl-outdoors Pretty-senior-pictures-of-Kings-High-School-girl-in-Seattle

    Just looking at pretty Brooke from Kings High School sitting in the lobby I thought — “oh now this senior pictures photo shoot is going to be fun fun fun!”  Sometimes it takes me a good while to figure out the celebrity that a particular gal or guy looks like but with Brooke…I knew immediately.  She reminds me of Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars.  (If you know who that is, then right now you are surely thinking to yourself “OMG, you are so right”  but if you do not…then here’s the link to the  actress so you can join in the fun.)  Big thanks to Sorella Salon for styling her gorgeous locks!