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    I know they are irritatingly everywhere on E!, US and everything in between and as much as I want to get on the “I am totally am over the Kardashian Craze”…I’m actually not:-)Quite the opposite, I’m over-the-top inspired to bring the bling and the glam back for the 2011 Holiday Season so you can just imagine my glee of seeing the Mastandrea Family arrive at Studio B Portraits!  This family put the “FUN” back in Formal Portraits!  It was madness and mayhem…as it always is when you have a toddler in the mix but we were able to do this really stylized, “Old Hollywood” look above and honestly…it doesn’t get any better than gorgeous Mom Maylynn in that fabulous red gown!  Oh and on the subject of family portraits, here’s another reminder link about our K.I.S.S (Keep It Studio Special for Family Pictures during the month of November)



    2012 High School Senior Meghan from the International School in Kirkland had such an easy natural smile and we had the most beautifulafternoon to shoot.  Loved the cutey brown boot with this chunky knit sweater….so Fall in Issaquah!  Also had to show one of her gorgeous studio looks with one of our fabulous chandelier:-)on Facebook.


    Family Wall-portrait-in-black-and-white-on-the-wall
    Family Wall-portrait-in-color-on-the-wall

    Which version of this family wall portrait would you do… Black and white or Color in this space?  I  have my own opinion and my husband had a completely opposite perspective so I’d like to hear your thoughts. If you love to decorate…or even just appreciate someone elses love of really good design then feel free to weigh in.   First, A little back story on the creation of this image featuring my own family. The thing that is really cool at Studio B is that we’re able to take a snapshot of your space (or in this case my own) and then do a virtual rendering of the portrait to the wall in the desired size.  This is so cool because we can really visualize the end results.  I did what I tell all of my clients to do –  I coordinated our outfits with a focus on pleasing colors, accents,  texture, and patterns for the ROOM I intended to display it in – in this case…our front room.  This is a place for us to socialize with friends and family…without a television.  When the room is finished, it will be slightly more dressy in design than our casual living room but there will still be a focus on comfort and relaxation.  If this sounds like a lot of thought for a family picture…it is and that’s why you hire us at Studio B –  but this is a large heirloom piece  and investment that will be a focal point in your home…I expect for the children to fight over this some day way in the future!  (Oh and since everyone always wants to know…I shot this myself with a remote control, camera mounted from the street :-))

    • Definitely, definitely color. Why waste all that beautiful
      autumn color with black and white.

    • Amanda H.

      I agree! I love the color portrait! It look great against the neutral wall too!

    • maya

      Both versions are of course beautiful. However, I think I prefer the black and white print with the color scheme of your room. You know I’m a sucker for the B&W images :) What an amazing way to envision your art on the wall. You’re amazing!


    It’s that time…you’re thinking Holiday Cards & Family Portraits so here’s a special exclusive offer!  We know you want spectacular cards and portraits whether it showers or shines on the day of your photo shoot and the Studio B Portraits K.I.S.S (Keep It Studio Special) Event during the month of NOVEMBER is the perfect one stop shop!  No need to worry about Seattle rain — this November Special includes – one full studio portrait session, 24 beautiful holiday cards on shimmer paper (flat style), and our gorgeous shabby chic black 8×8 Frame with Signature Petite Print – all  just $375.  To book your K.I.S.S appointment, call 425-996-8711 and mention promo code KISS11. (Photography must take place during November)