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      Beautiful senior pictures? This Mercer Island High School teen is the definition of Best in Class for 2012


      This was my second time photographing beautiful Kristin from Mercer Island High School and I don’t know how she did it…but she was even more amazing during this photo shoot for her 2012 Senior Pictures.  We used this cool rustic shed as the backdrop for this modern floral dress and sandal ensemble.  Kristin has such a quiet confidence and I loved the eclectic changes in expression from frame to frame — keeps it fun for me because I never know what’s coming next.   I know everyone is always eager to be outside during the Summer sun in Seattle (me too actually) but I absolutely went crazy for this super fierce and very model studio shot that we share on our Facebook page.

      • Leslie

        Kristin. This one is gorgeous. Your mom must be as delighted as I am. Leslie

      TOP 3 TIPS on how to get Camera-Ready for your Class of 2012 Senior Pictures (Tip #2)


      Time for Tip #2 for how to get camera-ready for your Class of 2012 Senior Pictures.  {Of course if you are just tuning in and you’re thinking Whoa…what happened to the first one, here’s a link to Tip #1 :-) } TIP#2:Dress UP and Be a “Super” Model!   Senior Pictures at Studio B are about having an awesome time and creating a one of a kind experience that celebrates this HUGE milestone of senior year.   With four different wardrobe changes, we want to encourage you to play dress up and have fun.  Get with your Mom or your friends, lay out your outfits and do a little Project Runway the day before you come. Dress head to toe, make sure your nails look good and for extra points…throw in multiple tubes of lipstick — go from gloss, to cherry, nude to peach just to keep it interesting. Trust me…no one does the stuff we do here in their real life — laugh, vamp, pose, smise…we want to see it all.  Why?  Beacuse it’s fun and it makes for great senior portraits that match the fabulous memories. Oh and most important…be ready to change your plan on the fly like Issaquah High School Senior Emily here.  This Class of 2012 Senior beauty planned to be photographed in her white sundress and jean jacket with a barking good assist from her cute dog Kisses.  The easy shot would have been a little photogenic frollicing in the grass but as we were making our way down the street we saw this sweet vintage car…the rest as they say is history! (Oh and thanks to Sorella Salon for her gorgeous blow out and hair styling)


      TOP 3 TIPS on how to get Camera-Ready for your Class of 2012 Senior Pictures (TIP #1)


      Now that we’ve kicked into high gear with Summer Senior Pictures for the Class of 2012, I thought it would be helpful to share the TOP 3 Tips that are guaranteed to help high school seniors get camera-ready for their photo shoots. TIP #1  JOIN THE TEAM! There is a reason that top models and Hollywood stars have a team of professionals getting them red-carpet beautiful.  They know that great great Hair and Make-up is essential in creating gorgeous portraits.  For senior pictures, we recommend staying in your comfort zone — no new hair colors or cuts.  Go for locks that you know are shiney and pretty on you every time.  Since you’ll be photographing four different looks during your senior pictures, we suggest starting with your hair down and then bringing a variety of accessories to change up the look as you change outfits — ponies, flowers clips,  colorful scarves, hats, jewelry are all great.   For wardrobe, play to your strengths like Overlake High School Senior Kirsten did here with her gorgeous maxi dress.  Kirsten is super tall and this flowy blue paisely popped with her red tresses.   This season, we have partnered with the fabulous Sorella Salon to offer an awesome Camera-Ready Special to all of our Seniors that features both Hair & Make-up for just $99.  We recommend scheduling your appointment at Sorella 2 hours before your photo shoot. To take advantage of this special mention PROMO CODE: StudioB12. Look for Tip #2 Coming Soon…


      What do you get when you mix a drama queen, two twins and one awesome set of parents?



      What do you get when you mix one drama queen, two seven year old twins and an awesome set of parents?  You guessed it — a really fun family photo shoot at Studio B.  Dad Glenn gave me the advanced heads up that we’d have a lively crew in the Krieger Family of five and as you can clearly see…they didn’t disappoint!   11 year-old Jordan (who’s email address has “drama queen” in the title) rocked super model poses that I would expect to see from one of our high school seniors and I’ve done a lot of family portrait sessions in my career but I’ve got to say, this was the first one where live bugs and slugs played such a prominent role…I’m pretty sure there is some sort of creepy crawly in young Zach’s hand in each and every shot-good times :-)  And young Devon, this sweetheart had me laughing so hard I literally had to put the camera down.  Toward the end of the shoot, she inexplicably began to cry and would not be in the pictures.  Confused, I asked her what was wrong. , through heaving sobs she says… “I don’t want to get PROSECUTED”  UM, what?  Apparently, she spotted a “No Trespassing” sign and she didn’t want to get “prosecuted” for trespassing.   I’m not sure whether to be more impresssed that she was such a great law-abiding citizen or that she actually knew what the word meant! Either way, great home schooling.

      • I love these. You feel like you know this family, everything
        is so natural. Your style just sings.

      • Jordan Krieger

        HEY! These are great!!! I love them!